An Exceptional Initiative Empowering Saudi Female Pioneers Intigral Program “Al Awael” Celebrates Their Success Stories throughout Ramadan


Riyadh, KSA: Promoting social empowerment in the Kingdom through presenting quality content, Intigral, the leading digital entertainment provider in the MENA region, has announced the launch of the unique and unconventional program Al Awael, broadcasted on the Jawwy TV-original platform throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

With a fresh new take on inspirational stories, Al Awael puts Saudi female pioneers in the spotlight for their accomplishments in various sectors. Infused with a sense of positivity and optimism, the show’s genuine portrayal of the celebrated female pioneers showcases their triumphs and serves to inspire and encourage young Saudi women to express themselves creatively and to stand out.

Covering a wide array of fields and sectors, Al Awael hosts an impressive group of Saudi female pioneers who have achieved global, as well as, local achievements that have made an impact in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, research and development, sports, art, and the public sector. Over a series of episodes, Al Awael delves into the spellbinding chapters of their unique journeys marked by ingenuity, ambition, courage, and a success mind-set. The show further encompasses each of the pioneers’ resilience in dealing with challenges, the struggles they faced along the way, the lessons they learned, their perspective on the woman’s role in advancing the Saudi society, as well as, their advice for the new generation of women.

Commenting on this development, Intigral’s CEO Markus Golder said that “Intigral is committed to supporting the Kingdom and its approach towards empowering women by enabling their involvement further in more impactful economic and social roles aligned with the goals of Vision 2030. We are always keen on addressing such vital topics by producing quality media content in efforts to promote women’s inclusion across all areas. Certainly, the numerous accomplishments of Saudi women over the recent period have been no less extraordinary, continuously breaking new ground backed up by a wise leadership that understands Saudi women’s pivotal role in decision-making on multiple fronts and that takes the necessary measures to enable women to be successful across any domain.”

Al Awael program and other spectacular shows can be streamed in full by subscribing to the Jawwy TV service on or via the Jawwy TV app from the app stores.

About Intigral:

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