United Arab Emirates: More and more parents are returning to work full-time – and with working from home now on the decline, there has been a huge surge in parents looking for safe and reliable childcare.

With early year’s education crucial to the development of children, Hummingbird Early Learning Centre, part of Al Tamimi Investments, provides exceptional care – and is the ideal choice for parents looking to ensure their little ones have the best start in life.

Accredited by the UK’s Pre-School Learning Alliance, it is recognised as meeting the highest standards of teaching in the UAE.

With three branches, one of which is conveniently located in Dubai’s DIFC, Hummingbird Early Learning Centre has over 14 years’ experience in providing high quality education for those aged from three months to six years old.

With an ethos firmly based on celebrating individuality from the outset, the centre fosters strong relationships with both parents and children right from the beginning. It prides itself on taking a holistic approach to learning via play – a unique and enriching approach to the early years’ experience.

Based on scientific research that recognises how critical the pre-school years are for laying the foundations for good mental health, the team stimulates brain and skill development education via experiential learning experiences.

From babyhood to pre-school, little ones are encouraged to have as much fun as possible while experimenting, exploring and expressing themselves in the safe and stimulating age-appropriate environment provided.

For nursery-age children onwards, these interactive experiences are further supplemented by monthly educational excursions which encourage playing and learning in a real-world environment.

In addition, there is a special well-being area for babies, where they can benefit from flotation and baby massage – which in turn helps to create a home-from-home experience ensuring even the youngest nursery members thrive. There is even a dark room sensory area which allows children to relax.

This commitment to flexibility and adaptability informs the very foundations of the Hummingbird Early Learning Centre culture and these core values are reflected across all areas. Here each child is not just treated as an individual, but indeed celebrated for their individuality.

Highly skilled staff address developmental needs on a one-to-one basis, using these findings to design intuitive, individually tailored learning and care programs.

In addition, the centre recognises that every family has different requirements – and as such provides day-long, year-round care, as well as various enrolment packages which can be adapted to suit specific needs.

Staff work very closely with parents to establish strong relationships that enrich the early years’ experience for all involved and ensure that family members play an active role in their child’s progress.

This is reinforced through invaluable communication channels including daily updates, regular parent-teacher meetings and an ‘open-door’ policy that allows care-givers to liaise with teachers and centre managers continually and with ease.

In short, the unique approach to teaching pioneered by Hummingbird Early Learning Centre

encourages the development of inquisitive young people who happily and confidently engage with the world around them, both now and in the future.

About Hummingbird Early Learning Centre

Recognised as the leading centre for early years education and development in the UAE and accredited by the UK’s Pre-School Learning Alliance, Hummingbird Early Learning Centre’s are run by highly qualified and experienced childcare professionals who are fully committed to providing outstanding levels of teaching, care and education for children between three months and six years old.

With convenient locations in both DIFC, Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Reem Island, Hummingbird Early Learning Centre, which launched in 2008, has long been established as the nursery and pre-school of choice for working parents who wish to provide their children with the highest standards of care and early learning opportunities in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

In addition to offering highly specialised on-site care in an exemplary environment, Hummingbird offers a host of other bespoke service including pre-natal care and newborn care and invaluable training for parents and nannies.

About Al Tamimi Investments

Established in 2006, Al Tamimi Investments (ATI) is one of Dubai’s leading financial holding companies, with a vested interest in the people behind its businesses.

At ATI Investments focuses on a dynamic and decisive approach to investment. It operates a straightforward and effective business model with a strong team of local and international business professionals who are highly skilled in identifying commercial potential and translating it into live, growing business entities. Embracing innovation, ATI Investments evaluates every opportunity on its merit and growth potential.

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