ANDS hosts first virtual summit on ‘Youth Protection’ across MENA​


Dubai, UAE: ANDS, a leading company in the electronic nicotine delivery solutions and heated tobacco technology, has hosted its first ever virtual summit to launch a unique initiative, the ‘Sentinel Program’, representing its vision towards youth protection. 

The program addresses solutions for youth vaping and provides ANDS’ perspective on protecting minors and non-smokers from being exposed to nicotine delivery solutions. The initiative includes steps on product conformity, packaging, marketing practices, up to trade and retail practices. 

Jamal Bachir, Managing Director, ANDS, commented: “The ‘Sentinel Program’ is focused on protecting the youth from misleading practices that may expose them to electronic nicotine delivery solutions. ​ We believe that with the support of our industry peers and regulators, we can drive a change and protect our youth. This is aligned with our mission to provide adult smokers with scientifically backed products that have the potential to reduce risks, compared with conventional cigarettes, and as a pathway to quit the use of nicotine products altogether.”​

Commenting on the program, Mohammad Agrabawi, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, ANDS, said: “The need of the hour is to protect minors from using and being exposed to any form of nicotine delivery solutions. We are launching the ‘Sentinel Program’ with a mission to protect minors and vulnerable groups and bring a change through ethical commitment and responsible practices, driven by appropriate regulatory measures. At ANDS, we believe it is our responsibility to lead the dialogue, bring a change and collectively work with industry players to protect future generations.” ​

The ‘Sentinel Program’ was launched through a virtual session which included the participation of Jamal Bachir, Mohammad Agrabawi and Fadi Maayta, Co-Founder and President MEA from ANDS management. They discussed ways to protect minors from using nicotine products such as avoiding appealing flavors, censoring social media communication, and fully complying to local laws and regulations.

The virtual event also featured guest speakers from Consumer Choice Center and Dyflin Group.

ANDS has a strong commercial and operational presence across the region and will leverage its extensive knowledge of the local markets to provide alternative nicotine delivery systems amongst the targeted adult smokers.

ANDS believes that it is crucial to protect vulnerable groups like minors, ex-smokers, and non-smokers from being exposed to nicotine products, or any mis-leading marketing practices of these products.


ANDS is the first entity in the region base in UAE-Dubai with the mission focused on alternative nicotine products only, in MEA. with a diverse, iconic portfolio, accompanied by the core belief that legal-age smokers are entitled to better alternatives, ANDS MEA will be part of the evolution of a new era of a cigarette-free MEA. ANDS’ vision is to put the safest and most credible Nicotine Delivery Systems within reach of the 144 million adult smokers across the Middle East and Africa and its mission is to deliver the best-in-class brand distribution, staging, and communication while respecting local regulations – and to continuously adapt to the latest adult consumer trends and technologies in the field.