AQUAPLUS: Water Programmed with Affirmations and Healing Frequency


Stay hydrated and refreshed with UAE’s first-of-its-kind BPA-free gallon of alkaline water

Throughout history, humans have sought water for physical relief, emotional healing and spiritual renewal and its power to transmit energy inside us remains undeniable. Aquaplus, the first-of-its-kind BPA free alkaline water in the UAE not only ensures a balanced PH level within your body, but also puts the water through a unique filtration process so that the water delivered to your house vibrates at the highest possible positive energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and truly re-energized. 

The brand believes that playing powerful sounds of love can restore human consciousness and bring more harmony and balance into your life and hence play a 528Hz frequency to the water in the factory. Based on the findings of the very famous Dr. Masaru Emoto, it has been proved that water responds to positive words such as affirmations and can be programmed to absorb words of positive affirmations by sending messages to the water consumed. Additionally, playing healing music to the water during its formation process also helps in creating self-love and is recommended for sound sleep. 

“Water carries its own energy, and the properties of water are such that they allow it to reach every cell of our body. So, by changing the molecular structure of water through the use of energy, words or vibrations, it is possible to transmit any message at the subatomic particle level and in turn change the energy we consume,” states Owner, Ashish Bhandari. 

Each 5-gallon water comes with a unique affirmation written inside it such as ‘Love and gratitude’ and its BPA-free nature helps prevent you and your family from exposure to many degenerative diseases. 

Price of a 5-gallon bottle ranges between AED 8 and AED10.

Aquaplus can be ordered online at Stay updated with the latest brand news via @myaquaplus.

About Aquaplus:

Aquaplus is the only water in the UAE that is packed in a 5 gallon Bisphenol A (BPA) Free Bottle. Aquaplus water undergoes a unique filtration process which gives it rejuvenating alkaline and ultra-hydrating properties. This entire process mimics the way water is processed in nature. Aquaplus water clusters are reduced in size, enabling them to hydrate your body more efficiently. The world is just beginning to understand the merits of an alkaline lifestyle.