and Partnering to Empower Civil Society in the Arab World

In, Inc.’s HQ in Dubai with Nauman Asif, CFO of and Alexander A. Nehme, Founder & CEO of by The Olive Tree SAL.

A career hub for the Arab civil society is launched by and

In, Inc.’s HQ in Dubai with Nauman Asif, CFO of and Alexander A. Nehme, Founder & CEO of by The Olive Tree SAL.

Dubai UAE: As the first partnership of its kind in the Middle East and with aim to bridge the gap between civil society and career opportunities in the region, – the Middle East’s largest community for the common good – has announced a partnership with – the largest job site in the Middle East. The partnership aims to help thousands of job seekers who wish to find employment within the region by providing online recruitment services. The goal of the collaboration is to also support organizations to find and hire staff within the civil society in the Arab World.

For the first time, a hub now exists to empower civil society throughout the Middle East & North Africa region, which will make thousands of NGO Jobs easily accessible online.  It is set to become the MENA’s largest career portal that focuses only on non-government organization job opportunities across the Arab World. The portal will regularly publish the latest jobs and career information for people who intend to build a career within the NGO Sector.

Alexander A. Nehme, Founder & CEO of by The Olive Tree SAL, a social enterprise, spoke during the career portal launch event and said “It is quite unprecedented that two large players in their respective fields come together for the common good. We’ve reached out in the spirit of collaboration and we are looking forward for more cooperation with each other at all levels of society.”

Nauman Asif, CFO of commented: “At Bayt.,com, we are very excited about this partnership with as it is in line with our mission of empowering people in the Middle East and North Africa to build their lifestyles of choice. Our services extend to more than 33 million professionals and job seekers and we are happy to give additional focus to the Arab civil society and the vital NGO sector through this new career portal.”

Alexander adds “I invite everyone to click on and do some good with their online time.” has been launched as a one-stop site for all NGO Jobs in the Arab World and is powered by Talentera; a product that provides fully customized and branded career portals.


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