Arab Whale Khurram Shroff to highlight crypto & blockchains’ potential to redefine African finance ecosystem at Africa Digital Finance Summit


Africa Digital Finance Summit inaugural event puts a spotlight on cryptocurrency’s transition from hype to mainstream, facilitating the next generation of ‘digital for businesses’ across Africa.

Ms. Mary Njoki, Organizer, Africa Digital Finance Summit and Khurram Shroff, Chairman IBC Group

Dubai: Africa Digital Finance Summit’s inaugural event themed “Decentralized finance, our pathway to financial freedom” will bring together regulators, African central banks, businesses, known crypto whales, and decision-makers across the world, to rethink the development trajectory of Africa’s finance ecosystem. 

This year’s conference will put a spotlight on Blockchain’s continued transformation from hype to the mainstream. A roster of high-profile speakers will take the stage to explore avenues for Blockchain’s increased adoption, particularly as tech and payment giants Twitter, PayPal, and Facebook make significant investments in the space. The summit comes at a time when Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has taken steps to deepen engagement with Africa, by creating a trust with 500 Bitcoin. Tesla, currently the world’s most valuable car company, has also announced its entry into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, effectively forging the path to the universal acceptance of digital currencies. 

Khurram Shroff, Dubai based Chairman of the IBC group and a known Bitcoin whale, will speak at the event, to highlight the opportunities in Blockchain and crypto, which can be leveraged for accelerated development in the African finance sector. “As Blockchain technology matures, we are witnessing a vigorous development of robust, enterprise-ready solutions” expressed Mr. Shroff, “The Africa Digital Finance Summit will bring together innovators, early adopters and application leaders, to explore how organisations can leverage decentralised finance, to enable more seamless business operations in Africa.”

The event will also host Daren Tung, CEO of IBC group backed CanETH Staking Services, who presided over his company’s recent merger with Vancouver based, iMining Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Inc, to emerge as a leading player in the Crypto Financial Sector. Canadian company CanETH is an institutional-grade staking service for holders of Ether, providing clients with a simplified on-ramp, to integrate with the ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake Blockchain. 

Other keynote speakers include Mr. Sunil Juneja, COO of Canadian company BitBit Financial, another venture backed by the IBC Group that provides the crypto community with the safest and most secure way to buy and sell digital assets, via its online exchange and ATM network. Adding a holistic flavor to the event will be a conversation with Dr Sanjeev Goel, founder of Peak Human, which focuses on bringing culture, technology, and health together, to harness the highest physical and cognitive potential of humans. 

The summit – to be held on February 18 & 19, at the Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi, Kenya – is a unique opportunity for innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders, to come together and redefine Africa’s business ecosystem, through the accelerated adoption of Blockchain and crypto solutions.

About Khurram Shroff :

Arab ‘whale’ Khurram Shroff, whose IBC group has invested in over 4,000 different Blockchain products, has been an ardent champion of Blockchain and was also instrumental in the recent launch of Ethereum 2.0, through an investment of around 100,000 Ether staked. Khurram is an award-winning global banking and finance leader, who has been featured in the prestigious list of the “Top100 Most Powerful and Influential Muslims in Great Britain and the World” by Power100. He is the Chairman of IBC Group, which is a substantial Global Real Estate and Tech investment company based in the UAE, as well as Chairman of Gallery Suites, which focuses on inspirational living with bespoke art collections in holiday home properties across The Middle East and Asia.

About IBC Group:

IBC Group Limited is a Substantial Investment Company based in the UAE since 2014, with a focus on private equity investment in Blockchain Technology, Real Estate and Art. Since its inception, the IBC Group Limited has focused on investments with a strategic, ethical and innovative strategy, leveraging strong partnerships and cutting-edge technologies.

About CanETH Staking Service:

CanETH Staking is the smartest Ether staking service. CanETH is a decentralised global network that offers ETH 2.0 staking for users Incorporating a proprietary, best-in-class staking process CanETH ensures robust security, reliability, and scalability: while removing the technical complexity of deploying and managing validators.

About BitBit Financial:

BitBit Financial gives digital asset’s enthusiasts, a safe and secure way to invest in cryptcurrency. It is building a global network of digital currency ATM’s to enable convenient access for customers along with the unique ability to complete secure transactions instantaneously.