ArabClicks announces BIG November 2020 mega shopping event


Online Shoppers can enjoy up to 90% discounts from a fantastic line-up of the region’s leading brands

Mauro Romano, CEO and Co-Founder of ArabClicks

Dubai: ArabClicks announces one of the largest sales-days in the year, for shoppers looking to get their hands on attractive deals and bargains prior to the holiday season. The ‘BIG November 2020,’ is set to bring some of the best round up of shopping events for enthusiasts, such as the Singles Day, White Friday, Cyber Monday and UAE Day. The event is scheduled to take place from 1st November- 5th December this year.

Over 50 million online shoppers can enjoy up to 90 per cent in discount on some of the leading brands in the region. 

Mauro Romano, CEO and Co-Founder of ArabClicks, said: “We have witnessed a substantial increase in online purchases in November, as shoppers across the GCC and MENA region patiently wait to avail exciting offers at these events. Similarly, affiliates seek to benefits from such events as it means more commission and earnings from them. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, online purchasing has become the need of the hour; with customer behavior rapidly changing in light of the current circumstances.”

He added: “BIG November is a crucial earning season for affiliates with sales increase projected at up to 2000 per cent, with roughly 60 per cent of participation expected from shoppers in the GCC.”

According to a research conducted by ArabClicks, 73 per cent of the population is buying online, of which 35 per cent of the shoppers are looking for coupons and discounts for better rates on their purchase. A 353 per cent increases in sales was recorded in Morocco during ‘BIG November.’ Egypt on the other hand, predicted a 940 per cent increase and Saudi Arabia witnessed a 1250 per cent increase in sales. UAE also recorded a 1913 per cent increase with the average spending per person to be at AED 1,068. Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan projected a 253 per cent, 391 per cent and 886 per cent increase in sales respectively, during the ‘BIG November,’ event. 

Their research concluded that, approximately 67 per cent of the shoppers research about their products prior to purchase, 45 per cent of them avail discounts coupons available online. Around 83 per cent of the shoppers used their mobile device to make the purchases, while the remaining 17 per cent used their laptop and other electronic devices. While each shopper made around 3-4 major purchases, roughly 71 per cent of the consumers in GCC shopped for themselves, 33 per cent for their families and around 19 per cent of them purchased items to be gifted. 

It is also believed that a shopper’s interest in the event oscillates through a variety of stages. These include the ‘Window shopping,’ stage from early October to the first week of November, where the audience learn about the event but are still in the process of seeking reviews of the brands to make purchases. From the first week of November until the end, customers move towards the ‘Big Shop,’ stage where audience browse through the web to get the best deals on brands of their liking. During the final phase, ‘Last Chance,’ stage; prices will significantly drop starting November 30, continuing until two weeks after. This stage will experience immense activity as followers will be on an active lookout for some great last-minute deals. 

It can also be observed that shoppers prefer only a certain time of the day to shop online. Roughly 3 per cent of shoppers favor shopping between 12am-6am, whereas 5 per cent of them like to shop any time from 6am-12pm. A certain section of the audience prefer shopping later in the day, with over 6 per cent choosing to shop anytime between 12pm-6pm, whereas about 7 per cent of the shoppers tend to shop much later in the evening, until late into the night from about 6pm-12am.

Several new features on social media platforms have been introduced for affiliates to experiment with. These include, placing images on Facebook with more than 20 per cent text, making sales through Facebook and Instagram shop and testing reach using the new organic post testing option in Facebook’s creator’s studio. Brands can also benefit by having ads listed on Tik Tok, can scheduled tweets on Twitter and boost earnings with Instagram TV ideas. They can also take advantage of the ‘Support Small Business,’ campaign launched in light of COVID-19 and display its stickers, sponsor group posts and chose from multiple layout options on Facebook.

In order to benefit from these super-sales, affiliates must devise a strong summary of all the recommended sites and products; along with the best prizes for the products. They must optimize their sites for mobile devises and localize their content strategy appropriate to the section of audience. Affiliates must also pay attention to the overall look of their website, work on marketing activities much in advance and hold on until the very end. It is essential for brands to find out what their audiences want; which could be done by conducting polls and surveys. Affiliates can create a special page, displaying all the various offers that shoppers can avail. They can utilize messenger services including that of Facebook and Whatsapp to reach out to current subscribes and gather potential customers. The event is also one of the most important times in the year, wherein affiliates can launch remarketing campaigns targeted to specific set of audiences. Lastly, the most crucial and enticing alternative to benefit from the sales will be to include exciting offers that can attract more consumers to the site.

Customers can shop from a wide variety of categories this year, including clothing & shoes, electronics & mobiles, beauty & perfume, jewellery & gifts, home appliances, mom & baby and sports gear.