ArabiaWeather Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Government of Jordan and Jordan Meteorological Department Under the Patronage of Jordan’s Minister of Transport


A Private-Public Partnership in the Right Direction

ArabiaWeather (PRNewsfoto/ArabiaWeather)

AMMAN, Jordan: PRNewswire:Under its efforts to strengthen public and private sector cooperation across the region, ArabiaWeather Inc. – the leading provider of weather products, services and solutions to consumers and businesses in the Middle East – recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Jordan. The MoU was inked by Mohammed Al-Shaker, CEO of ArabiaWeather Inc., and Mohammad Samawi, Director of the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) at the Ministry of Transport’s headquarters in Amman. The MOU is considered a great success by both parties who are looking to be a regional example of private-public partnership in the weather forecasting arena. The agreement also sets the stage for future cooperation and exchange of knowledge and weather technology between the two entities.

The MoU was devised to bolster the fruitful cooperation and exchange of expertise and knowledge between the public and private meteorological sectors – represented by JMD and ArabiaWeather respectively – in multiple areas, including weather technology and its applications. Furthermore, this collaboration aims to advance the industry as a whole by outlining steps to provide and develop relevant technologies, collaborating and unifying alerts and warnings sent to the public, entering into joint projects providing weather services to enterprises, exchanging weather data as well as collaborating with various universities and colleges on the creation of an accredited academic course to advance meteorological knowledge in Jordan.

The MoU comes as an example of the Government of Jordan’s ongoing efforts to initiate public-private partnerships. The government is currently in the process of strengthening its meteorological infrastructure by setting up weather stations, processing data, and collaborating with the private sector on the elevation of weather forecasting and meteorological technology standards. To that end, ArabiaWeather will play a vital technological and commercial role, helping the public sector to introduce further sources of revenue to its budget by jointly entering into cross-selling and up-selling agreements with interested industries such as media, airlines & airports, terrestrial sectors, renewable energy and others.

During the signing, ArabiaWeather’s CEO stated that this step coincided with the Company’s overriding vision to complement and support the public sector. “Over the years, ArabiaWeather has developed unique proprietary meteorological technologies on par with global competitors. As such, we have a duty to make these technologies available to national meteorological facilities across the Arab World, most importantly in Jordan,” he said. “The ArabiaWeather app is Jordan’s largest media platform, used by more than four million people in Jordan. Through the app, as well as other various Company-owned media, we will coordinate with the JMD to disseminate its weather warnings and alerts, thereby ensuring that this information reaches the largest possible segment of society.”

ArabiaWeather is the first and only private weather forecasting company in the Arab World, and is one of the World’s most advanced entities in the fields of weather technology and data amalgamation. ArabiaWeather’s teams of meteorologists, forecasters, data scientists and product developers allow it to provide its consumers with accurate, precise and relevant weather information that influences their everyday lives. ArabiaWeather’s mobile application and web & social media platforms serve millions of users in Jordan and across the Arab World by providing accurate, hyper-local and up-to-date weather information covering hundreds of locations. ArabiaWeather’s enterprise solutions serve a wide range of industries across sky, land and sea from agriculture, construction, renewable energy, insurance, transportation, aviation, oil & gas and others by providing them with accurate and relevant weather support solutions that help mitigate risks and optimize operations. ArabiaWeather also has an extensive list of media customers who rely on its various weather forecasting products and broadcasts.