‘Arabs to Mars’ puts global spotlight on Arabs’ astronomy legacy


UAE Probe ignites hope in return of Arab golden age in science says Sleem

Firas Sleem, CEO of Virtue PR & Marketing Communications

Dubai, UAE: With only 323 days left on the countdown for the UAE to achieve its Vision 2021 of being among the best countries in the world, its Hope Probe is arriving in Mars, making the UAE the first Arab country and firth worldwide in history to reach the red planet. 

“It is a red-letter day for the UAE and the Arab world in large as this pioneering space programme creates history for the Arab world, which boasts a rich legacy as a global generator of knowledge and science, particularly in the astronomical field,” said Firas Sleem, CEO of Virtue PR & Marketing Communications. “The mission carries great weight being the first Arab interplanetary voyage ever initiated. The legacy of the Arab Golden Age—which began in the eighth century and saw Arab scientists make great strides in numerous scientific fields still holds great power as it is continued now with the space project being auctioned by the UAE.”

The Arabs to Mars project is but the latest of several major advances made by the UAE space programme. Not only will it make the UAE the first country from the region to make it to the planetary neighbour, but it will also serve as a beacon of hope for Arab youth by encouraging young people to explore education and career options in the field of space and beyond, with the sky quite literally being the limit.  

“The Arab world boasts a rich history of space science and astronomy between the field-defining 8th and 13th centuries, and the UAE Mars mission is a historic step that signifies the country’s powerful stride in reigniting this strong legacy. This initiative not only puts the UAE as a capital of astronomy on the global map, but also firmly re-establishes the distinguished legacy of the Arab scientific footprint overseas,” added Sleem. 

This historic step heralds a revival of Arab science that was the most advanced in the world for centuries, with Arab scientists making profound contributions to numerous fields such as astronomy, physics, optics, mathematics, geography, and medicine. The UAE has made marked strides in re-establishing this legacy across multiple fronts, leading the world in scholarship and research as it is venturing confidently into space travel. 

Springing from a long-established history of Arabs’ advancement in the field of navigation, which set the basis for modern technologies, such as GPS, the UAE has proven itself a more than worthy heir to carry the torch of a legendary “Golden Age” of Arab science, promising to lead in significant scientific and intellectual contributions to global civilization. 

This critical step towards Mars commands global attention both to the rich scientific heritage of Arabs and the innovative and dynamic future being previewed by the UAE for all the world to see. 

“The first interplanetary mission from the Arab world to Mars, while remarkable, is but one of many historic firsts achieved by the UAE, as the country has been powering ahead across indicators of happiness, prosperity and tolerance across the globe. Nothing less should be expected of a country whose ambitions are set on the sky,” concluded Sleem.  

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