Ariston ME celebrates 2022 Energy Efficiency Day wins Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing – MEP award for Sustainability


Dubai: October 5 marks Energy Efficiency Day and this year Ariston Middle East is proud to celebrate it with an accolade as a commended promoter of Sustainability. The recognition for the work undertaken by Ariston ME for TECOM Authority, Government of Dubai in its Industrial City Labor Camp was announced at the 2022 MEP awards.

Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Middle East, Turkey and Caucasus said, “We are pleased that our work was recognized. The TECOM authority selected Ariston Middle East’s NUOS heat pump solution to replace the existing electric water heating systems in 22 buildings housing labour, each building accommodating approximately 756 people. This job epitomizes our slogan ‘The home of sustainable comfort’ and captures the essence of the brand’s vision combining the importance of home, comfort, and sustainability.

The project involved fitting NUOS heat pumps into two types of building structures at Tecom’s Industrial City Labor Camp. One classified as LV1A had eight buildings with 192 electric water heaters installed, each with a capacity of 100 liters, inside toilets. The other classified as LV1 had 14 buildings fitted with 308 electric water heaters, most with a capacity of 500 liters in water heater rooms and smaller 50 liter water heaters in supervisor rooms and kitchens.

Tasked with replacing the 500 electric water heaters to reduce costs, save energy and contribute to the Government’s sustainability program, Ariston installed 168 NUOS PRIMO 240 HC heat pumps with 240 liters capacity in the water heater rooms of the LV1 buildings. The supervisor rooms in these buildings have 120 NUOS PRIMO 80L heat pumps and the kitchens in each structure have 84 of the NUOS PRIMO 80L heat pumps. In the washrooms of the eight buildings of the LV1A model, 192 NUOS PRIMO 100L replaced the electric water heaters.

All the NUOS heat pumps can be operated in either BOOST, GREEN or AUTO MODE.

Operating in BOOST MODE, which combines the advantage of saving cost and energy with reduced time required for heating water will incur energy saving of 22.4%. In the GREEN MODE, dependent on the heat pumps for the entire water heating requirement, the saving increases to 64%. And in the AUTO MODE, which regulates the temperature and time, 32% energy savings are guaranteed.

The smart technology of heat pump water heaters ensures energy and cost saving that has a very short payback period, as compared to an electric water heater with heating element. Recognition of Ariston’s project further underscored the fact that NUOS Heat pumps from Ariston are not just an INVESTMENT in green technology, they are a SMART INVESTMENT.

About Ariston Group

Ariston Group is a global leader in sustainable solutions for hot water and space heating, components and burners. In the first 9 months of 2021, the Group reported 1.95 € bn revenues, about 7,700 employees, representative offices in 42 countries, 23 production sites and 25 research and development centers in 4 continents. Ariston Group is listed on Euronext Milan since November 2021. Ariston Group demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the development of renewable and high efficiency solutions, such as heat pumps, water heating heat pump, hybrid solutions and solar thermal systems. The Group also stands out for its continuous investment in technological innovation, digitalization and advanced connectivity systems. The Group offers a full range of products, solutions and services mainly under the global brands Ariston and ELCO, and operates under iconic local brands such as Calorex, NTI, HTP, Chaffoteaux, ATAG, Racold as well as Thermowatt and Ecoflam in the component and burner business.