Abu Dhabi: The Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel got awarded the Certification of Appreciation at the Sial 2016 exhibition in recognition of the hotels participation in adding the Weqaya Logo to Healthy Foods program. The team led by the Executive Chef Karsten Gottschalk had been working on incorporating healthy options into the menus at AFOC&H.

Chef Karsten inspiration was drawn from workshops organized by Weqaya that drove him to work on healthy menu options for guests. His dedication for a healthy living led him into carrying out several researches, some with doctors from the community to understand the health sector of the food and beverage department better.

“We did my own research with our dietician to calculate the amount of nutrition present in a particular dish, like the sugar and salt. We tried all the menus for a few weeks checking the level of sodium and salt in the meals along with other measurements to see what is suitable for a healthier option to provide to our guests,”

Chef Karsten succeeded making healthier menu options that led to AFOC&H F&B department receiving the logo of Wekaya. In addition, the logo can be used on selected menu items and that will indicate that the dish is from the healthiest option on the menu.

“It does not stop here, as we are still working on more items to broaden the choices given to our guests. My biggest challenge will be now working on dessert items as we plan to eliminate processed sugar and sweeteners from the dishes part of the Weqaya food program. We need to look into natural sugar contents products like sweet potato or beetroot that can make desserts sweet and keep the sugar at bay,” said Chef Karsten.

“The process is quite challenging but rewarding at the same time, it is an honor to be selected as one of the hotels that has received the Weqaya logo. I will be bringing this concept in our hotel room service and our A la carte menu. We have already started with this and taking it a step forward every day,” added Chef Karsten.

About Armed Forces Officer’s Club & Hotel:

The Officers’ Club and Hotel comprises more than 20 halls for conferences, exhibitions and meetings; the property is targeted by major companies in the Middle East for organizing meetings, exhibitions, training, catering and sports events.

The five star state-of-art Armed Forces Officers’ Club and Hotel has 294 rooms and it is fully open for the public, located in Abu Dhabi right in front of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and less than 5 from Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, comprises a large variety of recreation facilities such as Children Village, Kids pools, cinema, Spa, Olympic swimming pool, shooting club, bowling, Paintball and much more.

Guests are entertained upon arrival with typical Arabian coffee, dates and fresh juices while its Al Bathna restaurant serves a wide variety buffet options such as seafood, salads, stake and other dishes. Do not miss the European fine dining restaurant Kennedy for a unique culinary experience.

The hotel is just around 10 minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport.

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