Astra Tech Conducts Workshop at ADAFSA HQ to Empower Local Farmers to Sell Produce on Botim


Abu Dhabi, UAE – 9 August 2023: Astra Tech (Astra), MENA’s leading consumer technology holding group based in the UAE, collaborated with Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) to organize a workshop at ADAFSA’s headquarters. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce licensed local farmers to the Botim ultra app’s e-store, which will enable them to display and sell their seasonal fresh produce and products directly to customers.

The Botim ultra app’s expansive user base of over 8 million individuals in the UAE, will allow local farmers to significantly boost their brand’s online presence and visibility, it will also enable farmers to embrace digital transformation, adopt new approaches in marketing and distribution and gain access to a range of convenient and cashless payment options through the app’s advanced fintech capabilities.

Recent data released by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment indicated that the UAE boasts approximately 38,000 operational farms, showcasing immense potential. The Botim ultra app is poised to create a dynamic and thriving marketplace, establishing a transformative ecosystem that bridges the gap between farmers and consumers in the country.

Commenting on the workshop, Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, said: “By harnessing the Botim ultra app as a platform, we are equipping local farmers in the UAE with digital tools to increase their online presence and reach, bringing them closer to their customers and millions of app users. Introducing digital solutions in agriculture have the power to transform traditional practices by providing farmers with data and insights that will help them understand and serve their customers better.| We’re very excited to be part of this journey and look forward to onboarding more farmers across the UAE on Botim.”

Eligible licensed local farmers in the UAE will be able to establish their online brand on the Botim e-store for free in three simple steps and take advantage of  24 hour payment settlement policy, competitive and fixed commission and in-app marketing support. Local farmers can additionally request logistics support to deliver their products through the entities’ partnership with Aramex.

About Astra:

Astra Tech (‘Astra’) is the MENA region’s leading consumer technology holding group, established in 2022. In the same year, Astra made strategic acquisitions of prominent platforms including UAE Central Bank-licensed fintech platform PayBy, on-demand home services platform Rizek, and MENA’s leading communications platform, Botim. In 2023, Astra seamlessly integrated Rizek and PayBy into Botim, creating the world’s first Ultra app. This groundbreaking app offers users seamless home, e-commerce, and fintech services that outpace competitors by three times in terms of speed. Astra Tech’s innovative approach revolutionizes the connection between consumers and businesses, elevating the digital experience across the MENA region and beyond.