Audi Innovation Award 2020: Top 3 Finalists Revealed


The Audi Innovation Award has shortlisted the top three contestants for showcasing exemplary design research and innovative ideas to encourage a circular economy.

Innovators that have been shortlisted for their design, creativity and innovation are Infrastic, Insect Kids, and Teknova.

The three shortlisted candidates will present their concept models via livestream on 10th January at 03:30 pm (GST) through Audi’s official social media channels on Facebook and YouTube.  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Audi Innovation Award has shortlisted the top three contestants for showcasing exemplary design research and innovative ideas to encourage a circular economy. The competition, led by Audi Middle East, aims to empower regional designers while archiving intellectual progress in the region. 

Now in its fifth year, the theme for the Audi Innovation Award announced earlier in 2020 was ‘circular’. This is the thoughtful and restorative process by which the materials and resources that make up a design are in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use. Materials are then recovered and regenerated at the end of each product life, closing the circle. Contestants either enhanced products that are already available in the market with remarkable improvements, altered aspects of the products’ lifecycle, or proposed entirely new products considering circularity. The three that were shortlisted for their design, creativity and innovation are Infrastic, Insect Kids, and Teknova.  

Infrastic, created by Iman Badawi Najjar, Louay Ghezzawi, Jana Shami, and Haidar Elmkdad, aims to reduce waste by introducing waste plastic as a main component in infrastructural services. Estimating that the construction sector is responsible for 40% of global greenhouse gases, and plastic contributes to pollution of shores and landfills, Infrastic proposes a new concrete block mix. The specialized concrete system made up of plastic pigments, Styrofoam waste particles, and stone waste infused with sand and gravel replace the traditional hollow block. 

Insect Kids, created by Ahmad Jarrar and Rasha Jarrar, aims to redefine traditional playtime by creating a range of flatpack toys made out of recyclable and biodegradable materials. Studies suggest that children get bored of toys in an average of 36 days, ultimately cluttering homes or loading landfills. The toys redesigned by Insect can be easily disassembled, reducing clutter and ensuring space efficiency. The innovators also provide recycling services for responsible disposal at the end of the product’s lifecycle. 

Teknova, created by Ali Khaled Bin Zayed, aims to leverage an Internet of Things (IoT) based patented ‘fatigue sensor’ to measure the wear and tear of metal ware, while remotely tracking the remaining useful life of structural materials. ‘Metal fatigue’ is a problem that affects different sectors including infrastructure and transportation, causing an estimated of 90% of industrial accidents. As it is a result of regular wear and tear, it is inevitable. The new technology has the potential to significantly reduce maintenance costs, premature or unnecessarily replace parts and waste of valuable resources.

Carsten Bender, Managing Director Audi Middle East, commented, “We are all collectively pursuing a sustainable future. In this endeavor, we have realized that it is circular design and economy across various industries that combine our passionate need to protect the world that we live in, with the comfortable lifestyle that we strive towards. Around the world, designers are being summoned to reduce, reuse or recycle objects that enhance our lifestyles. In this 5th edition of the Audi Innovation Awards year, we have received some incredible and innovative solutions for a circular economy, and we would like to commend all the contestants who have shared their ideas and celebrate the shortlisted candidates. We are at the cusp of a sustainable industrial revolution, and we are proud to be providing a platform for young innovators to share and strengthen their resolve in providing sustainable solutions.”

The winning candidate will be revealed via livestream on 10th January at 3:30pm. The prizes to the winning designer of the Audi Innovation Award will include the sought after Audi Innovation Award trophy and a trip to the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, Germany, to experience the automotive design journey at the company’s headquarters. In addition, Audi Middle East will award $25,000 worth of consultancy to cover IP registration, legal counselling and business development.

The Audi Innovation Award is the only award in the Middle East managed by an automotive brand designed to encourage innovation in the region while creating awareness about sustainable lifestyle solutions. 

About Audi Group:

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