Audio manufacturer confirms show attendance, highlighting technology for the ultimate hybrid meeting and lecture experience


Dubai: One of the largest and most exciting industry events in the Middle East, Gitex returns to UAE on October 17- 21. The trade event not only offers Sennheiser a welcome platform to show its exciting portfolio of business and education solutions but is also an opportunity to affirm its support with Venuetech as a distributor in UAE. On the Sennheiser booth, visitors will be able to see Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 beamforming microphone array, MobileConnect wi-fi based assistive listening system, and the company’s workhorse SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphones. 

Hybrid meetings and seminars are continuously on the rise 

Just over a year ago, very few people used the term ‘hybrid meeting’ or even ‘hybrid lecture’. Nowadays, such hybrid events have become the new norm for many businesses and education establishments that see added opportunities with the inclusion of remote participants beyond the constraints of a pandemic. On its booth, Sennheiser will showcase the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) beamforming microphone, a tool that makes hybrid meetings a place where people can connect and unfold their creativity and productivity together. TCC2 not only reliably picks up a speaker no matter where they are moving within the room, but also caters to voice-lift applications for larger rooms via its TruVoicelift function. 

“The biggest challenge with going hybrid is being able to freely interact with each other and hear each other well, no matter whether you are an online or on-site participant,” says Mig Cardamone, Director Sales, and Marketing, Sennheiser Middle East. “TeamConnect Ceiling 2 meets all of the associated challenges: It ensures ‘touchless audio’ and best-in-class in-room amplification. People can keep a safe social distance and hear everything that is being said at the far end of a room.”

TCC2’s TruVoicelift is able to deliver higher gain before feedback, includes a feedback prevention function and pre-definable audio threshold, as well as ‘advanced exclusion zones’ for eliminating noise sources and a ‘priority zone’ for a consistent audio pick-up. 

Going wireless 

SpeechLine Digital Wireless, Sennheiser’s networkable microphone system for campus-wide audio with central monitoring capabilities, will also be on show, a digital wireless microphone system for speech and lecture. It is designed and optimized for university and corporate use. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, the system is particularly versatile and can be adapted to the requirements of individual applications, making the daily work of IT and AV managers easier. With the introduction of the new SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver, SpeechLine Digital Wireless presents the perfect audio solution for IT integration.

Transforming university experiences with MobileConnect

With tens of thousands of hearing-impaired students attending universities globally, it is imperative to create an atmosphere where assistive listening systems can help break audio barriers and make learning truly inclusive. 

Often, limitations of traditional assistive listening technology can be a significant hurdle for hearing-impaired students, diminishing their listening experience and unnecessarily highlighting disabilities. By contrast, assistive listening over Wi-Fi as offered by MobileConnect overcomes these limitations: Students are able to hear their instructors’ lessons in crystal-clear audio using their own mobile phones as receivers, while professors can lecture with full confidence that all students are hearing critical lesson points and can fully participate in discussions. 

Sennheiser is very much looking forward to welcoming you at Gitex Technology Week 2021 Hall 4, H4-1 Venuetech Stand, October 17-21.

About Sennheiser:

Shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers – this aim unites Sennheiser employees and partners worldwide. Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems. Since 2013, Sennheiser has been managed by Daniel Sennheiser and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, the third generation of the family to run the company. In 2019, the Sennheiser Group generated turnover totaling €756.7 million.