Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In celebration of the special 10th edition of Dubai Food Festival, which ran from 21 April to 7 May 2023, celebrity Chef Alvin Leung, also known as “The Demon Chef”, and MENA’s top 50 award-winning Orfali Bros Head Chef Mohamad Orfali, shared their culinary expertise and skills in a special collaboration at Demon Duck in Caesars Palace Dubai, Bluewaters Island. The remarkable collaboration showcased the fusion of Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines, bringing together two culinary powerhouses to create an extraordinary dining experience.

Demon Duck and Orfali Bros have both recently been recognised for their exceptional contributions to the culinary world. This recognition further solidifies their position as trailblazers in the global culinary landscape.

The exclusive collaboration between Alvin Leung and Mohamad Orfali showcased their unconventional approach to Asian and Middle-Eastern cooking, featuring signature dishes curated using unique ingredients. Combining their knowledge, expertise and techniques, the renowned chefs created a diverse menu that celebrated the culinary heritage of each cuisine. From Asian staples like coconut milk, hoisin sauce, Sichuan pepper, and lycee, to Middle Eastern key ingredients such as yogurt, spices, pomegranate, picked cucumbers and turnip, the dishes delighted diners with their bold and innovative flavours.

A global celebrity TV personality and touted as one of Asia’s most notorious chefs, Alvin Leung brings a whole new creative, innovative twist to much-loved Chinese and Asian classics, and a duck specialty menu at his first restaurant in the Middle East. Demon Duck brings high energy ambience, eccentric and playful theatricality, a trendy speak-easy style lounge and a superlative menu of Pan Asian dishes.

Celebrity Syrian Chef Mohamad Orfali is the Head of Culinary at the Dubai eatery Orfali Bros, crowned by the MENA’s 50 Best as the top restaurant in the MENA region, and World’s 50 Best in the 46th place. Born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, the MICHELIN-recognised chef is well-known as he curates unique dishes served in his renowned restaurant that is drawn from Aleppo’s cuisine, and using special techniques and flavourings from dairy products to jams and meats.

As an extension of this special collaboration, Demon Duck is proud to retain Peking Duck Kibbeh on its menu, being the brainchild of this partnership for a limited period beginning 3 July until 30 September 2023. This delectable dish seamlessly blends Asian and Middle-Eastern flavours, featuring a succulent barbeque duck filling, complemented by the richness of the pine nuts and sweetness from the pomegranates. Such a remarkable collaboration marks the two brilliant culinary creative minds’ alliance.

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