Balance off your festive indulgences with Healthy Meals from ReNourish


**A delicious and quick option for those on-the-go **

Dubai: In today’s fast-paced world, the long working hours and hectic lifestyle leaves one with very little time to prepare a healthy meal. If you’re looking for a healthy meal option on-the-go or for a quick alternate to balance your holiday dinners, Re:Nourish is for you! Made with the finest vitamin-packed vegetables and plant-based ingredients, Re:Nourish soups can be eaten on-the-go or easily combined with your favourite recipe as a flavourful and highly nutritious sauce.

Unlike other products in the market which are not vitamin-led and exceptionally high in salt, Re:Nourish soups are made of immunity-boosting ingredients ideal for those looking for an instant and healthy option (their bottled soups can be heated and consumed directly) to prepare something without too much hassle or effort.

Re:Nourish is also the world’s first microwaveable and fully recyclable soup brand , and currently offers four varieties in the UAE and each have a unique health function. From the bestselling “Immunity” – Kale Spinach and Turmeric which is packed full of vitamins to “Digest” – Roasted Carrot and Ginger which is good for the gut, all the soups are also packed with natural vitamins, fibre, and protein as well as being easy for the body to digest. The soups can be eaten on-the-go, either hot or cold, without compromising on their health.

Re:Nourish products are currently available at Waitrose and Spinneys stores across the UAE