Banque du Caire Bags Multiple Awards at the Global Brands Magazine ‘Banking’ Awards 2019-2020


London: Banque du Caire was awarded the Best Activation and Customer Engagement Brand, 2020, Most Innovative Banking Brand, 2020, Most Innovative CSR Initiative for Women Empowerment, 2020 Most Developed Banking Brand, 2019, in Egypt by Global Brands Magazine during the 2019-2020 Banking Awards Program. Banque du Caire was recognized by the jury for their successful efforts in creating fresh new identity with Iconic new brand yet reflecting the strength of its heritage and experience as well as flourishing digital banking ecosystem.

Mr. Tarek Fayed, CEO of BDC, commented: “At Banque du Caire, we embraced the need for transformation, not only in our logo, corporate culture and products, but in the experience we provide to all of our customers. We created a new Banque du Caire experience that is surely innovative, convenient and comfortable.”

The Global Brand Awards aim to recognize brands achieving excellence in performance across a broad range of sectors while keeping its readers updated on key trends surrounding the branding world. This award is a testament to the lengths Banque du Caire is willing to go to ensure they are successful in their consistent efforts to elevate customer satisfaction. 

Mr.Jay Reddy, Director of Global Brands Magazine commented: “We hope Banque Du Caire continues to revolutionize the digital banking landscape for decades to come.”

About Banque du Caire:
Banque du Caire is one of Egypt’s oldest and largest full-service banks that provides a complete array of products & services to the retail and corporate markets. Offering clients a full suite of unique digital retail and corporate banking services,the bank has been able to leverage its extensive distribution network of regular and digital branches spanning the entirety of Egypt. It is renowned for pioneering an institutionalized micro-finance, spearheading a push for financial inclusion, community development, and entrepreneurial empowerment long before others in the industry.

About Global Brands Magazine:

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