BBME 2023 to catalyse digital transition of the industry


Attendees will learn about how the latest technologies can positively impact the breakbulk and project cargo sector

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the seventh edition of Breakbulk Middle East is returning to Dubai to promote digitalisation in the sector. Renowned as the region’s first and only event dedicated to the breakbulk and project cargo industry, the event is scheduled to take place on February 13-14 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

During the two-day exhibition and conference, attendees will learn about the benefits of using the latest and most advanced digital solutions developed by some of the leading tech-solution providers in the industry. BBME 2023 aims to highlight how digitalisation can positively impact the efficiency of the sector, catalyse its growth, and can make the whole channel of transportation and supply chain more sustainable, safe, and viable.

Building resilience through technology

Emphasising the importance of digital innovation in making the industry more sustainable, David Christopher Piel, Senior Manager of Special Cargo, Hapag-Lloyd AG said: “As stakeholders of the industry, we must capitalise on the capabilities of advanced digital solutions to reduce carbon emissions, improve safety, and increase the efficiency of our operations. At Hapag-Lloyd, we have utilised technology extensively to catalyse our progress. Through our partnership with Logimatic to implement the SERTICA system on 70 of our container ships, we were able to create a common technical fleet management system for our vessels in Hamburg and Dubai. We believe that BBME 2023 will serve as an ideal platform for us to learn from other industry players, while also showcasing our solutions to them.”

Dharmendra Gangrade, Head of Logistics Management Centre, Larsen & Toubro Limited emphasised: “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, technology has played a vital role in enabling the sector to streamline and optimise its operations. Whether it’s through advanced scheduling and routing software, real-time tracking and monitoring systems, or innovative cargo handling equipment; digital solutions have facilitated the industry’s progress despite unprecedented challenges. It is necessary that we continue to invest efforts into enhancing the capabilities of our existing technology, and develop newer and more sophisticated versions, in order to reduce manual labour, minimise errors, and increase efficiency by automating cargo handling tasks. By bringing together cargo owners at various stages of technology deployment to share their experiences and advice, BBME 2023 will help us understand what modifications are needed to ensure that our solutions cater to the specific needs of the sector.”

Enhancing visibility and traceability 

Highlighting the importance of technology in improving the industry’s operations and efficiency, Dr. Dennis Dreier, IT Director, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH said: “As part of an industry that facilitates over 90 per cent of global trade, it is crucial to be uninterruptedly informed about the current location as well as even more importantly, the condition of goods that are being carried along the supply chain. In this regard, ICT-technology provides the capability of real-time tracking and monitoring of the cargo. We refer to this as business intelligence, a data-driven solution that enables us to respond quickly to delays or other issues. As a result of greater transparency, business intelligence also provides more service to customers and supports their operations. Moreover, advanced digital solutions facilitate communication and coordination among different stakeholders, such as carriers, shippers, and ports, by providing, for instance, a single platform for exchanging information and issuing instructions. This enables more robust planning and an efficient execution of operations. Consequently, potential risks are prevented or occurring issues can be mitigated.”

Ben Blamire, Event Director, Breakbulk Middle East stated: “During the 2023 edition of BBME, we look forward to bringing together some of the leading tech-companies in the breakbulk and project cargo sector. Over the years, through the implementation of cutting-edge logistics solutions, these organisations have achieved significant results in terms of increasing operational efficiency and reducing transportation costs. We believe that by providing a platform for these thought leaders to share their expertise and insights, we can facilitate continued development and advancement of the breakbulk industry.”

Additionally, BBME’s forthcoming edition will provide newbies and developing firms with an unparalleled platform to discover new project cargo business opportunities across maritime, logistics, transportation, and other key sectors.

About Breakbulk Events & Media, a division of Hyve Group (formally ITE Group)

Breakbulk events are held in four locations around the world and are the leading industry-specific exhibition in each region. Due to strong gatekeeping systems with companies in the Middle East, Breakbulk Middle East is one of the only ways to make direct connections with logistics and procurement decision makers, assured by its deepening ties with local government. More than an exhibition, Breakbulk Middle East offers a full two-day conference, covering the hot topics project cargo specialists need to know to seize regional opportunities and construct effective project plans. Led by the key players in the region, the conference also offers face-to-face opportunities to discuss these topics in greater depth. With strong support from regional cargo owners, Breakbulk Middle East is the place for logistics, transport and other service providers to connect with those that hold new business contracts.