BEATING BREAST CANCER – Kaya Skin Clinic drives awareness to self-examine


Having 80% women clientele, the brand drives awareness for a cause close to their heart

kaya-cancer-campaignKaya Skin Clinic, the largest international skin care clinic in Middle East, which caters to mainly women clients, has the potential to spread awareness about this cause and shed light on the importance of self-examination for higher cure rates.

The brand has been continuously and actively supporting this cause over the past 5 years. The campaign #POWEROFTHREE, which has been getting an amazing response last year continues this year aiming at changing the conversation from BREAST Cancer to BREAST Cancer!

The #POWEROFTHREE is inspired by the importance of the three fingers which are used to do the breast self-examination for early detection, which drastically increases the cure rates. That’s where the brand requests its clients to paint those 3 fingernails pink, as a pledge that they’ve done the self-examination and invite others to do it.

For the entire month of October, clients cannot help but notice the pop of pink, across its 21 clinics in the region, and ride on the strength of social media to take it viral.

Women across can join the drive by clicking pictures of their first 3 painted fingernails and post them on various forums while tagging the brand’s social media pages with the hashtag #POWEROFTHREE.

Latika Vieira – Marketing Manager, Kaya Skin Clinic, said: “Incidences of Breast Cancer are on the rise across the region, with over 20% increase in the past few years in the UAE alone. The ‘#POWEROFTHREE’ initiative by Kaya Skin Clinic aims to educate women about the importance of self-examination to detect any early signs. An annual mammography from age 40 onwards is a must; clinical examination by a doctor every 3 years starting from age 20; and monthly breast self-examination. Early detection and timely treatment can reduce breast cancer fatalities by up to 98 per cent and we wish to contribute in this fight though the campaign.”