Behind The Cup (BTC)’s New Consolidation and Vertical Expansion Strategy


Behind The Cup (BTC), the dynamic and multifaceted company founded in 2018 by three visionary Emirati friends, has taken a significant step in its journey of growth and transformation as the holding company for the iconic Hoof Cafes, Archers, the HUT and bkry.

BTC’s story began with Hoof Cafe, where the concept of celebrating both worlds – exceptional coffee and an equestrian-themed ambiance – was born. From a single branch in MuweillahHoof Cafe has grown to encompass six locations across the UAE, including the flagship stores in Misk, Sharjah, Grove Village in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai Mall – Fashion Avenue.

This consolidation under BTC’s commitment to excellence and its desire to make a lasting impact on the UAE’s vibrant food and beverage scene. As passionate coffee connoisseurs, BTC’s founders have taken a vertical expansion approach by introducing Archers Coffee Roastery, which now sources and supplies premium green beans to hundreds of cafes across the UAE, ensuring that each cup brewed is a testament to quality and flavor.

BTC continues to innovate and diversify its offerings with the relocation of “the HUT,” a minimalist cafe already established in Al Rahmaniah Mall in Sharjah, to a new location in Aljada. In addition to this move, “the HUT” operates a branch at Sharjah International Airport, ensuring an exceptional coffee experience for travelers. BTC remains dedicated to providing moments of pure pleasure to their customers, offering a haven of serenity and taste where simplicity meets sophistication.

BTC’s expansion doesn’t stop there, its next exciting concept, “bkry,” is an artisanal bakery that  will be soon unveiled in Dubai in 2024. It promises to tantalize taste buds with artisanal bread, pastries, and baked goods that are nothing short of a culinary masterpiece.

With a robust pipeline of projects spanning various sectors, BTC remains committed to empowering young Emiratis to dream big, pursue their passions, and make a meaningful impact on their communities. The consolidation and vertical expansion of BTC is shaping the future of the UAE’s culinary landscape while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of its youth.

About HOOF:

HOOF is a home-grown specialty coffee cafe that sources an array of superior coffee beans from thirteen different countries and is founded by three friends that share a passion for horses, show jumping and specialty coffee. First launched in Sharjah in 2018, the company now has six stores across the UAE, with the main location being in Dubai Mall, on the second floor of Fashion Avenue. Its other locations include: Muweillah Commercial, Sharjah; Grove Village, Ras Al Khaimah; Al Jada, Sharjah, Sustainable City, Sharjah; and Misk, Sharjah. The HOOF partners have won many show jumping awards amongst themselves, including Sharjah International Show Jumping Championship 2017, Abu Dhabi International Show Jumping Championship 2018, and Al Ain International Show Jumping Championship 2019, to name a few.