BELL & WYSON launches the first anti-insect LED bulb at the GITEX from 16 to20 October 2016


bzzzUnited Arab Emirates: The exhibition will see the French firm unveil its BW Bzzz LED bulb, which traps and kills harmful insects, mosquitoes in particular.

After the high-profile launch of the BW PIX+, an LED bulb with integrated camera and microphone, BELL & WYSON has announced that the BW Bzzz will be on sale as beginning of 2017.

The BW Bzzz is the first LED bulb to include a system that traps and kills mosquitoes, which are particularly harmful to human health. This innovation is the first of its kind in the world and marks a new step forward for practical and connected LEDs. The company plans to launch the product on every continent over the next 12 months, with priority placed on the markets of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

“We chose to launch the BW Bzzz bulb during the GITEX, because this is one of the region’s leading fairs. Selecting the right commercial partners is a crucial factor for the optimization of sales and our commercial success. Several versions will be available on the market to cater for all types of clientele and all budgets,” declared Carol Issa, President of BELL & WYSON.

BELL & WYSON creates energy-efficient, innovative, practical and beautifully designed connected objects. BELL & WYSON is guided by the notion that the best connected objects are those we use on a daily basis. The firm has therefore built its development strategy upon LED bulbs boasting additional functions that are both effective and practical for users.


BELL & WYSON is a French company founded in October 2014. It is supported by Business France, forms part of La French Tech and recently opened its capital to Taiwan’s Enlight Corp. in order to better penetrate the Asian markets, which show a great deal of promise for its technologies.