Benedetta Paravia’s super hit TV series’ second edition titled ‘Hi Emirates’ begins airing as an Italian tribute to the UAE

Benedetta Paravia

Dubai, UAE: After a successful and much loved first season, the second season of the super hit TV series ‘Hi Dubai’ created and presented by author, producer, and entrepreneur Benedetta Paravia starts airing today on the national television via DUBAI ONE TV. The season will be aired on 25th, 26th, 29th, and 30th November and 1st December 2020 at 7pm. Titled ‘Hi Emirates’, the show is dedicated to the Emirati and expat women, profiles some of the most important names in the country and talks about the inspiring lives and achievements of women who have made a mark and contributed in the growth and development of the UAE.

With an aim to educate people about the exemplary work that the UAE and its women (both locals and expats) have been doing towards a common goal of making the UAE the best country in the world, the series is designed to appeal global audience. The second series highlights the central role of the female community in the UAE, thanks to the ancestors and the great visionary leaders of the country, who have led by example inspiring an entire community to live for the nation and betterment of its people. 

“I loved the UAE since I arrived here the first time in 2002. This country and its people have greatly contributed to my personal development. I am grateful to the UAE leaders for what they have offered to us as citizens along the years and for what they are offering now. For this reason I strongly believe that the world needs to know more about us, the people, especially the females of this great nation. Their stories are inspiring and worth sharing with the world – that is the basic philosophy behind the series. I am glad to be presenting the second edition where we have widened our horizon from Dubai to all the seven Emirates,” said Dr Paravia.

The second season is a tribute to the great women of the UAE across all seven emirates. It features protagonists including members of the royal family, politicians, doctors, ecologists, sportswomen, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and models, all with stories of personal fulfilment whether they were born or just lived in this modern Islamic nation of the world, which is shaping the way to a more connected and harmonious global society. 

The second season also seeks to strengthen the long standing friendship between Italy and the UAE, under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in the UAE. 

The series boasts of the song ‘Emaraat’ as its title track. It is notable that the best seller song ‘Emaraat’ was written and performed by Dr Paravia under the pseudonym Princess Bee with the Emirati singer Harbi Alamri and the UAE national poet Ali al Khawar. Dr Paravia has been always devoted to the UAE, having always dedicated herself to the female community. She has been a part of Zayed University’s intercultural travels across Italy, in a program sponsored by the Italian and Emirati embassies, which enabled female students to have their first experience of abroad travel. 

To raise awareness and spread the word, the timings and the date of airing of the second edition is being conveyed across Dubai’s most iconic driveway, the Sheikh Zayed Road, through billboards.