BinSina sets the benchmark for delivery of world class customer experience for a healthy lifestyle


BinsinaIn the health and beauty care industry, retail stores, in particular pharmacies and pharmacists play a pivotal role as they are the first point of contact and the center of focus when it comes to customer queries.

In today’s fast changing world when information is at everyone`s fingertips, customers gain in-depth information about various products even before they arrive at the store. Yet when they visit the pharmacy, a well-trained and knowledgeable pharmacist can not only add value to their choice but also give them the right first-hand information which aids in building customer confidence.

The UAE based BinSina Pharmacy chain, since 1965, understands the need for well-trained pharmacists and invests extensively in shaping regular training programs. Backed by an excellent network manned by highly trained and motivated pharmacists, BinSina has been able to work closely with local communities offering a whole range of products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

“At BinSina Pharmacy, our focus is not just offering world class healthcare, personal care, or beauty care products from around the world, but also delivering an international customer service through our team of well trained, knowledgeable and friendly pharmacists. We know the importance of periodical training and have invested in an ongoing training program for our strong team.” said Mrs. Saleema Shurrab, General Manager of BinSina Pharmacy Group in the UAE.

The 50-year old group continues to grow in terms of its presence in the UAE and plans to expand its network to 120 pharmacies by 2017. The group offers healthcare products, personal care products, beauty products and other products that best meet community`s health needs.