Breaking Down Barriers To Mental Health Support With Amal-Counsel’s Tailored Approach


In a time where mental well-being stands as an essential component of overall health, Amal Counsel, the UAE’s first private non-profit counseling service, joins the global effort to destigmatize mental health, by preventing youth suicide and fostering mental health awareness. Suicide is a silent crisis that often affects those who need support the most. Shockingly, it’s the fourth leading cause of death among 15–29-year-olds, claiming the lives of more than 700,000 individuals globally each year. What’s even more concerning is that the global suicide rate is over twice as high among men than women. Launched at the peak of the pandemic, Amal Counsel, a non-profit, Emirati-founded entity, is committed to providing accessible mental health care by offering professional support that is available round the clock.

Operating as a voluntary community of highly-skilled counselors and associates who are committed to supporting the well-being of society, Amal Counsel offers a unique approach to therapy, enabling individuals to engage at their own pace, whether they are seeking support for personal growth, relationship challenges, or mental health issues. Following a brief assessment via Amal’s 24-hour hotline, which is free and accessible to all, individuals are paired with a counselor best suited to address their needs. Through this, everyone has the flexibility to tailor their therapeutic journey to meet their outlined goals.

“In the face of the concerning rise in youth suicide rates, Amal Counsel recognizes the vital role of our community in forging a path to hope and healing. Our mission extends beyond our region but looks to cultivating resilient communities worldwide.” expressed Naila Al Moosawi, Founder of Amal Counselling For a Better Tomorrow (CFBT) “ Our vision is not only to save lives but to empower young individuals to overcome adversity, find solace in their community, and embrace a future where youth mental health thrives. Together, we are creating a diverse network of support, where every young person knows they are not alone in their journey to well-being.”

Recognizing Signs: How Can You Help?

Recognizing signs of mental health challenges amongst your loved ones is crucial for early intervention. These signs may manifest as changes in behavior, mood fluctuations, social withdrawal, expressions of distress, or a sense of hopelessness. Understanding these indicators can be the first step toward providing essential support. Here’s how you can make a difference and join the movement:

  • Active Listening: Offer a compassionate, non-judgmental listening ear. Sometimes, a supportive conversation can be a lifeline.
  • Professional Support: If you notice signs of severe distress, encourage your loved one to seek assistance from mental health professionals. Assist them in finding appropriate support.
  • Stay Connected: Maintain regular contact and inquire about their well-being. Small gestures, such as sending messages of care or spending quality time together, can be profoundly impactful.

Amal Counsel’s commitment to accessibility and 24/7 availability extends to its helpline, which serves as a lifeline for individuals seeking mental health support. The helpline offers a safe and confidential space where individuals can find immediate assistance and compassionate guidance.