Brewing with Enthusiasm: Khalid Al Malki is Appointed New KSA Brand Manager for Tres Marias Coffee


Newly Appointed Tres Marias Coffee Brand Manager – Khalid Al Malki

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – After an extensive career in the coffee industry, Saudi Arabian national Khalid Al Malki marks a career milestone as the new brand manager for specialty coffee and milk brand, Tres Marias.

Khalid earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. He then moved to Arizona, USA to pursue an English course at the CESL (Center for English as a Second Language). He also finished a barista course at the Black Market Training Barista Course Sydney, Australia.

After a quick stint as a human resource practitioner, he ventured into the coffee industry by first working as a barista at Kippaloo coffee right after his training in Sydney, then at Density Coffee Roasters. He was also a senior sales executive at Bunista, an E-commerce consultant at MakanE, and a sales account manager at Right Grain.

With his extensive career in the coffee industry, he opened a café called Taawon Hub in 2020 where not only can everyone enjoy a cup of coffee but also gather and socialize on common interests. “My experience has allowed me to gain skills such as researching and identifying new markets and customer leads, and pitch prospective business proposals for growth,” Khalid said. “During my rotations I’ve also learned how to ensure all my customers/clients had access to the right products and services they were searching for.”

As a Saudi Arabian national, Khalid Al Malki brings a wealth of knowledge about the brewing culture in Saudi Arabia to his new role as Tres Marias’ Brand Manager. With a deep understanding of the local market, Khalid aims to incorporate the unique flavors and brewing techniques of KSA into Tres Marias’ brand identity.

Tres Marias Plant Based Sustainable Milk:

His vision for the company is to create a brand that not only attracts consumers but also allows them to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse coffee culture and sustainable milk of the Middle East. As Tres Marias continues to pioneer the specialty coffee industry in the region, Khalid’s expertise in blending traditional techniques with innovative and environmentally conscious production methods is sure to lead the brand to even greater heights of success.

For Khalid, it is all about “creating a community where people can come together and acknowledge their passion for the coffee cultures.” Apart from his passion for coffee, Khalid interests include sports, volunteer work, photography and content creation.

Tres Marias’ founder, Maria Pavani shares, “I’m excited to see Khalid flourish in his new role as Tres Marias’ Brand Manager. With an eclectic heritage and a global education, he brings a distinctive and captivating perspective on coffee culture that perfectly aligns with our brand ethos. Tres Marias was founded on the principles of inclusivity and innovation, and we are thrilled to have someone like him on board who embodies these values.”

Khali Al Malki’s exposure to the diverse and rich coffee traditions of different cultures has provided him with an understanding of the intricacies of coffee brewing that few can match. His background has equipped him with a range of skills and insights that he can leverage to connect with customers from different cultural backgrounds, making Tres Marias a truly inclusive and welcoming brand. With Khalid at the helm, Tres Marias is poised to create a coffee culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity while providing a platform for people to connect and share their love for specialty coffee.

Tres Marias Coffee:

Tres Marias Coffee is run by lady boss and world-acclaimed coffee connoisseur, Maria Pavani. With more than a decade of experience as a coffee specialist and recognized across the bean industry in the region, Maria traces her passion for coffee to her first experience as a barista in 2009 when she moved from Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal for her studies. Maria’s undeniably astounding background and years of experience in the coffee industry and marketing paved the way for the creation of Três Marias Coffee Company in 2019, a company that would transform the coffee experience of the everyday people making headlines among coffee aficionados across the country and the world.

Tres Marias came from the Spanish or Portuguese term which directly translates to ‘Three King’s Stars’ of the Orion Constellations. With this inspiration, Maria envisions that the cups of coffee made through Tres Marias’ products will be as bright and as distinguishable as the three stars and with mission of “transforming the coffee experience in people’s lives”, Tres Marias Coffee is dedicated towards creating products and initiatives to make the coffee experience as inclusive as possible.

Tres Marias categorizes their worldwide farm-harvested coffee beans according to the preference of its people – everyday brew for those new to home brewing experience, complex beans for aficionados, and extravagance for an exotic coffee experience.  Not only are packed coffee beans from these farms available, but Tres Marias also offers special compostable capsules and coffee sachets, two of Tres Marias’ best sellers and the first-of-its-kind in the region, which anyone can brew and enjoy.  Tres Marias also distributes coffee equipment like grinders, kettles, filters, coffee makers, and even barista machines perfect for the stay-at-home friends and family coffee experience.

Enriching the coffee bean culture with an emphasis on sustainability, Tres Marias Coffee also explores and implements inclusive and environment-sustainable products and services that will for the eco-warriors in the region. Tres Marias has pledged to its initiative of ‘From seed to earth-from earth to bean – from bean to cup and back down to earth’ and true to that, carbon dioxide neutral bags, biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules, and even vegan coffee popsicles are developed and offered by the coffee company.

Tres Marias’ battle cry is ‘accessible specialty coffee for everyone, anytime, anywhere.’ Their aromatic blends are as effortless to acquire as picking up your weekly groceries, leaving you with no excuse to miss out on a cup of pure delight.

Anyone worldwide can now get their coffee fix for Tres Marias as the company offers worldwide shipping and free delivery of purchased products for coffee lovers in the Middle East. Special subscriptions are also available so coffee lovers can never run out of coffee beans.