Burjeel Medical City achieves another milestone as DOH grants ‘Emergency Department’ status


Burjeel Medical City, a world-class hospital at MBZ City, Abu Dhabi, is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and highly experienced clinical specialists dedicated to offering emergency care services in the region.

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Health (DOH) has accredited the Emergency Department at Burjeel Medical City, one of the biggest quaternary care hospitals in the private sector. The certification will empower the Emergency Department at Burjeel Medical City to provide critical care to patients affected by acute, life-threatening conditions.

The DOH certification for the Emergency Department is another jewel in the crown for Burjeel Medical City, which aspires to revolutionize the UAE’s healthcare landscape by redefining the concept of care and wellness. The certification will aid the hospital in fulfilling its mission of addressing the emergency healthcare requirements of individuals in Abu Dhabi and beyond. 

The Emergency Department at Burjeel Medical City is led by a team of doctors trained and certified by the medical board in North America. Committed to providing 24-hour emergency care, the department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resuscitation beds for life-threatening cases, and telemetry monitoring beds for those requiring comprehensive medical management. Additionally, it provides expedited care for minor emergencies via the fast-track zone, designed to ensure priority treatment for all patients. The Emergency Department at the hospital has a designated area for pediatric and critical care. Patients with minor injuries will be taken care of at the fast-track zone, while the needs of the children will be met exclusively at the pediatric emergency care area. The specialized centre offers round-the-clock comprehensive pediatric emergency care delivered by extensively experienced specialists. Furthermore, the Emergency Department provides sub-specialty services including quaternary medical care outside of the emergency department throughout the day. It has a satellite blood bank, 24-hour imaging services, and ambulance services and is also equipped with a helipad for critical care transport.

Dr. Zuhair Alsharafi, Director & Head of Emergency Department at Burjeel Medical City: “At Burjeel Medical City, we are capable and equipped with all the resources to take care of the healthcare needs of any emergency case – adult or paediatric – coming to us. Our doctors and nurses are extensively trained and experienced. We are committed and dedicated to ensuring efficient, and safe emergency care round-the-clock.”

A notable feature is the fast-track facility. It ensures minimal waiting time for patients coming to the Emergency Department with minor injuries. “We have developed a great system at the department so that no patient coming to us shall wait for unnecessary hours. This happens normally with patients coming with minor injuries. So, at Burjeel Medical City, the fast-track system will ensure that they are attended to at the earliest,” added Dr. Alsharafi.

Burjeel Medical City CEO, John Sunil, thanked the Department of Health for granting the Emergency Department status to the hospital. “We have a highly qualified team of doctors and professionals on board with us. Our responsibility is to provide the community with exceptional service and medical care. Our longstanding experience in healthcare has taught us valuable lessons. We understand the needs and requirements of the people here. At Burjeel Medical City, we continuously strive to meet the expectations of everybody coming to us. The Emergency Department status accorded by DOH will contribute significantly towards our purpose of serving the community better.”

Burjeel Medical City, located in Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed bin Zayed City, is VPS Healthcare’s flagship project. The 1.2 million-square-foot multispecialty hospital provides care in all specialities and subspecialties, with a major focus on adult and paediatric oncology. The hospital is equipped with the most advanced radiology department and has state-of-the-art cancer-treating machinery.