Meydan Free Zone is the only entity in the region to offer a business license cost calculator that lets you pay for your license online through the calculator itself. 

Meydan Free Zone, a modern economic free zone in the heart of Dubai, has launched yet another unique product, the Cost Calculator, to continue to promote and elevate entrepreneurship in the region. The Cost Calculator is a simple way for businesses to assess the cost of the business license based on their own unique business needs. The cost calculator can be found online at: 

Even though businesses can use other cost calculators online, they do not offer the same function as Meydan Free Zone’s Cost Calculator which is super simple and user-friendly. Not only does the calculator let you determine the cost of your business license based on the needs of your business, but it also lets you pay online to acquire your business license – no waiting for a call back or the need to have back and forth discussions with an agent. Simply calculate, pay, and you are ready to go! 

“Meydan Free Zone has embraced regulatory reforms as well as technology and is committed to the world-class digitization of its offering, as part of our digital strategy”, said the representative at Meydan Free Zone “We want to make all government interactions seamless and efficient for entrepreneurs who have registered their license through our freezone.”

Once you’ve setup your business with Meydan Free Zone, you’re eligible for Meydan Pay. It is the first and only solution in the region that provides new businesses established within Meydan Free Zone a guaranteed IBAN once your compliance checks have been completed. This enables businesses to start operations from the get-go from anywhere in the UAE.

Using Meydan Free Zone’s cost calculator has other benefits too. Businesses can avail AED 500 to put towards any service of their choice such as visas, office space etc. after purchasing the license online. Moreover, businesses can avail a discount of AED 4,000 on the total license amount for multi-years, if the number of visas is increased, businesses can get 15% discount. 

Using the cost calculator is as easy as it gets. Simply visit, enter the details as prompted for your business requirements and make an online payment at the end. Voila! Thanks to Meydan Free Zone, you have your business license acquired entirely digitally and with complete transparency. 

About Meydan Free Zone 

Meydan Free Zone is a 360-degree platform that helps entrepreneurs in successfully setting up a business. It is one of the free zones that offers cost-effective business setup in Meydan. Meydan Free Zones offers a wide range of beneficial services to the business owners through easy bank account setups and guaranteed IBAN (after compliance checks), flexibility on applying for dependent visas and 100% foreign ownership. Meydan Free Zone supports 1,500 business activities and enables business. 

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