Can AI help investing newbies curb their fears? Meet Nemo AI, one of the world’s first GPT powered investing market navigators Helping new investors conquer their fears and develop market knowledge, Nemo AI provides market insight, comparison, and analysis to global users.


Backed by over 25 years of industry experience and setting out with an aim to ensure their users ‘Never Miss Out’ on investment opportunities, the recently-launched investment brand Nemo has already pioneered their use of Nemes – investing opportunities identified by real world trends.

Now the brand has utilised the power of AI to help investors find the answers to their burning questions at the tap of a button – launching one of the world’s first ever GPT powered financial assistants, Nemo AI.

On the launch of their latest venture, Nick Scott from Nemo had this to say:

“At Nemo, we’re committed to connecting individuals with opportunities in the financial markets.

“We know that many potential investors feel held back by a lack of knowledge, and that’s where Nemo AI comes in. By leveraging the latest in AI tech, we’ve created one of the world’s first GPT powered financial assistants, empowering new investors around the world with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

“We’re really excited for the future of Nemo AI, and can’t wait to see where the technology is able to go from here.”

Nemo AI will act as a virtual assistant, balanced financial analyst, and stock market expert, all in one within the Nemo platform. It provides straightforward answers and real-world statistics by utilising a combination of the GPT AI system – trained on 175B parameters – alongside live market data.

Nemo AI can handle both general and specific questions about investing, companies, and stock performance. The AI will provide answers ranging from how to get started, to insight into more niche investment possibilities. Nemo AI will give clients balanced answers and statistics, rather than conclusive opinions, allowing clients to make informed decisions that are right for them.

Bringing the power of AI to the investing space, Nemo is the latest venture from Exinity, a global fintech with over 25 years’ experience providing trading and investing services to individuals.

About Nemo:

Nemo is a unique mobile investment proposition designed to appeal particularly to younger and first-time investors. Nemo curates equities and other assets into innovative groupings that reflect contemporary interests, ideas and trends. Nemo analyses datasets that go beyond the parameters of conventional stock analysis to surface easy to understand investment opportunities that are exciting, inspiring, relevant to users and easy to act on. Nemo stands for ‘Never Miss Out’ – and by curating shares into real world groupings in real time, it offers a new experience in investing that is always relevant, vividly different – and truly exciting. Nemo is being launched in the UAE and will roll out into other markets later in 2023.

About Exinity:

Exinity is a global FinTech business, dedicated to providing a new generation with the ‘freedom to succeed’. From roots in FX brokerage that go back 25 years Exinity is creating and developing a unique range of innovative trading and investing products, using proprietary platforms and original concepts to attract new customers who want the freedom financial independence can bring – but for whom traditional products don’t appeal. Exinity serves clients across Asia, the Middle East and Africa with a portfolio of brands and products that meet the needs of individuals with a wide range of trading and investing ambitions.