Can you Trust Your Food Labels?


** With questions about food origins on the rise, Kibsons explains all on their long-standing, trusted labelling process, how to shop well and smart and why authenticity and integrity are key in the region **

When carrying out your weekly food shop, chances are you endeavor to make well-informed decisions as to where your produce comes from before ‘adding to basket’.

The true origin of the food that we purchase is now more important to consumers than ever before. On occasion, some consumers are being misled as to where their products are coming from and their organic credentials.

At Kibsons, authenticity and honesty is at the heart of everything, with the long-established, homegrown brand proud to be leading the way in the region with complete transparency of not only their food origins, but all items available on their website and app.

Sourcing fresh produce, both conventional and organic is paramount to Kibsons and they enjoy healthy relationships directly with their growers, sourced both locally and overseas, reflecting consumer demand and seasonal availability. In the UAE, where growing conditions are challenging, Kibsons maintain their strong ties with local growing partners who supply amazing produce when the seasons allow.

As part of Kibsons thorough process, each and every item goes through a rigorous audit with routine testing carried out regularly. This is conducted by approved and independent companies to validate that their organic produce on sale, is indeed free from non-permitted fertilisers and pesticides. Working with multiple suppliers including international and local organic farms, all items are tested and certified by the highest standard of laboratories including RACS and SGS who visit the Kibsons warehouse on an ad-hoc, unannounced basis.

For imported organic items, these have a double verification process of being truly organic in order to be allowed to be sold in the country. Likewise, all Kibsons local, organic produce is tested by laboratories and comes with certification.

Speaking on the existence of ‘greenwashing’ and the rise in false country origins being advertised, Jamal Hussain, CEO of Kibsons says, “Trust and transparency is deep rooted in our values which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that all organic produce is organically certified. We really do believe in walking the talk. We also encourage our customers to ask questions and familiarise themselves with the suppliers and providers that we use to gain trust and feel comfortable with their purchasing choices. The more we educate ourselves and continue to be transparent about where our produce comes from, we allow customers to make trusted, well-informed food choices that are right for them and their family”.

Kibsons work tirelessly to ensure that safety, quality and authenticity is maintained throughout their business. On a quest to end organic food greenwashing in the region, consumers can rest assured that Kibsons are continuing to support the community offering fresh, affordable produce, as they have done since their inception in 1982.

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