Canada Arab Business Forum & Virtual Trade Fair


“A World of Opportunity”

September 22-23, 2021

For the second year, the Canada Arab Business Council (CABC) is hosting the Canada Arab Business Forum & Virtual Trade Fair on 22nd & 23rd September, aimed to promote trade and investment connections between Canada and the MENA region. This is the only Canadian business event to the Middle East prior to the opening of world expo, beginning October 1st in Dubai, UAE. To register, please visit the following link – Canada and the Arab World – Connecting Businesses, Building the Future (

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is Canada’s eighth-largest trading partner, with $13 billion in two-way trade in 2020. These connections offer significant opportunities for our businesses, workers, and people – from healthcare to education, agriculture to technology.

The Forum will bring together business leaders, policymakers, and senior government officials from Canada and the MENA region to celebrate the strong and growing bilateral commercial ties. The virtual trade fair, from the 22nd September until the 21st October, will offer unique networking opportunities for Canadian and Arab businesses. As Canada continues to diversify its global trade and investment channels, the Arab world represents some of our greatest successes, as well as a tremendous untapped business potential in many different fields. It also holds many more opportunities for our international businesses, SMEs and institutions going forward.

About Canada Business Council:

The Canada Arab Business Council is Canada’s only not-for-profit association focused exclusively on promoting trade and investment between Canada and the Arab world.
Since 1983, the Council has been the principal advocate for, and the driving force behind, Canada’s growing economic relations with Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. We also work with Arab governments to promote economic relations with Canada.