Canvio® Portable Storage with new applications and designs takes centre stage at the Toshiba Gulf FZE stand at GITEX 2020


Canvio FlexTM and Canvio GamingTM models now come with new colors and textures.

Toshiba Gulf FZE is geared to highlight the Canvio® portable storage Series at GITEX 2020, designed to meet the evolving needs for storage solutions suited for a broad range of users, including multi-platform users, gamers, business professionals, outdoor photographers and students. 

“The Canvio® series delivers data storage excellent for a broad range of use cases and applications. The two new models, Canvio FlexTM and Canvio GamingTM, allow gamers and multi-platform users respectively to expand storage seamlessly and across various devices. They can take their favorite content on the go in a sleek, portable design,” says Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Digital Products and Services Division, Toshiba Gulf FZE.

Canvio FlexTM is the new USB-C® portable storage designed for PCs/Mac® computers/iPad Pro® mobile digital devices/Tablets for cross platform compatibility. The Canvio GamingTM portable storage is designed for game consoles and gaming PCs, users will be able to expand their game library easier than ever with the ability to carry up to 100 games3 (4TB) in a stylish portable case designed for popular gaming consoles and PC game systems2. Canvio GamingTM features a firmware-customized “Always-On” mode to support responsive gameplay. 

The next generation models of Canvio® Advance and Canvio ReadyTM come in a distinctive new design that deliver portability, storage capacity, and broad capability for your PC, a great option for simple but reliable storage.

Canvio® Advance features a unique textured design with new colors that helps content creators and photographers protect their content on the go. With portable storage, using with both auto backup, and data security software, users will be able to take life anywhere. 

Canvio ReadyTM is a great storage solution for students and other entry-level users who want simple storage that’s easy to use. now featuring a new two-tone design. This portable storage offers USB plug & play, file drag & drop, and simple storage expansion for your PC. 

Toshiba Gulf FZE will be showcasing the latest Canvio products in Hall 4, Stand C10 at GITEX 2020.


  1. One Gigabyte (GB) means one billion bytes and one Terabyte (TB) means one trillion bytes. Total available capacity will vary based on operating environment, and your results and storage capacity will vary accordingly. A computer operating system, however, reports storage capacity using powers of 2 for the definition of 1TB = 240 = 1 099 511 627 776 bytes and therefore shows less storage capacity.
  2. Compatibility may vary depending on user‘s hardware configuration and operating system. Please check device compatibility and connecting instructions by reviewing the applicable user manuals for such device. Compatibility is based on information currently available and is subject to change and subject to restrictions per hardware specifications.
  3. Number of games based on a 40GB average per game. The number of games will vary based on file size, formatting, other programs, and factors.  Original discs may be required to verify ownership for games purchased and loaded from disc. Internet connection and original game owner’s account may be required.

About Toshiba Gul FZE:

Toshiba Gulf is the Regional Corporate Representative office of Toshiba for Middle East and Africa. TGFZ aims to increase Toshiba’s Group’s business, expand the base for further market development and address the social demands and needs in the region. TGFZ is also responsible for the Sales, Marketing and Support of Storage Devices (Client and Enterprise HDD, Memory Cards), Multifunctional Printers, Barcode printers, Audio products, Industrial and Infrastructure equipment (Motor Drives)