Car Insurance in UAE – the Best Cover, Uncovered


Put yourself in the driver’s seat and shop around before you cover your car.

car-insuranceAccording to the Suraya Foundation, a charity named after a Dubai accident victim, the UAE has an appalling record, with residents 7 times more likely to die on the road than those of the UK – and a UN report put the UAE’s roads at a windscreen-shattering “3rd most dangerous in the world”, with car accidents the 2nd major cause of death. It’s no surprise then that car insurance in UAE is mandatory.

The law requires a minimum third party coverage to cover damage of property, death or injury to a third party caused by your vehicle – but it’s well worth investing in a fully comprehensive policy. After all, after your home, your car is likely your most expensive ever purchase.

Car insurance quotes are big in UAE – and more insurance companies mean competitive deals. A basic comprehensive policy will cover damage caused by accident, natural calamities and riot, as well as injury to the driver, spouse and passengers and many companies offer a no claim discount of up to 50%.

If you really don’t want to go around and around comparing prices for your wheels, don’t just give the green light to the 1st policy that parks itself on your desk, you need to know what makes a good car insurance policy? our advice is to get 3 quotes (at least) and look at how they compare.

Do you have any special driving habits? AXA’s Motor Executive and Motor Perfect policies both offer Oman cover, for instance, while RSA’s Comprehensive Executive Plus package offers GCC-wide coverage. Free roadside assistance is worth flagging down too – driving’s not always in the fast lane.

Check whether personal belongings are insured in case of theft or fire. Orient Insurance’s Motor Plus package cover up to AED 1000 while RSA’s Standard Comprehensive Cover offers AED 4000.

Always be sure to pull up to the fine print. Does your policy cover damage to windscreen and locks, for example? And will they provide a hire car when yours is out of action? And where will your car be sent for repairs?

Be sure to get maximum mileage out of your insurer – ask about any discounts on offer. RSA, for example, offer a special discount if a husband and wife insure more than one vehicle, while Zurich offers 10% off home insurance with some policies.

So, burn up some rubber shopping around and make sure the petrol- cap fits before you sign along those dotted lines.