CARACAL Unveils UAE-inspired Hunting Rifles and Special Edition Pistols at ADIHEX 2023

  • CARACAL unveils three luxury hunting rifles featuring hand-engraved motifs of UAE heritage sites and wildlife
  • CARACAL showcases extraordinary pistols inspired by the Liwa Oasis, adorned in 24-carat gold.

Abu Dhabi, UAE:EDGE Group entity, CARACAL, a leading firearms producer in the region, has unveiled three unique, hand engraved hunting rifles and special edition gold-inlayed pistols, alongside their range of versatile pistols and precision rifles at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2023).

Marking its 16th appearance at the event, which is running from 2 – 8 September at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), CARACAL and its subsidiary MERKEL, a German producer of luxury hunting rifles, have unveiled three unique HELIX DELUXE VIP hunting rifles featuring hand-engraved, arabesque designs on the rifle action, pistol grip cap, and charging lever. Each rifle has a unique, UAE-inspired hand-engraved motif. The first motif is the Qasr Al Watan, a working presidential palace in Abu Dhabi and cultural landmark. The second motif is the Sheikh Khalifa Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the UAE, named after the late Ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The third motif is the Arabian Caracal, a wild cat native to parts of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Adding to the dignity of the hunting rifles, the triggers are gold plated and the straight comb German cheek piece stocks are made of walnut from the high regions of the Caucasus.

Hamad Alameri, CEO of CARACAL, said: “The UAE-inspired hunting rifles have become a tradition for CARACAL at ADIHEX. This year, we look to the great leaders of the UAE for inspiration, building on the ‘heritage’ aspect of ADIHEX 2023’s theme. Further to that, we are immensely proud to be showcasing prestigious pistols that pay special homage to the timeless magnificence of the Liwa Oasis and its heroes. For CARACAL, ADIHEX provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate the heritage that makes the UAE unique and share that heritage on a regional platform.”

The centrepiece of CARACAL’s display are the exclusive Liwa Pistols. Created by CARACAL’s Custom Projects Division, the pistols draw inspiration from Liwa’s oasis of date palms, waters, and forts, reflecting the Emirate’s dedication to preserving environmental wealth and cultural roots. The pistols are one-of-a-kind, compact versions of the acclaimed CARACAL 2011 pistol, engraved with 24-carat gold and embossed using three different techniques.

The slide and upper frame are made from solid billets of high tensile steel, while the grip is machined from a single billet of aerospace alloy ‘Ergal’. The 4-inch barrel, also made from a solid bar of high tensile steel, is chambered in 9x19mm Luger, fully coated with Titanium Nitrate and is the first 2011 Pistol with a 4-inch barrel ever developed.

Decorating the slide is an Arabic poem engraved in gold, from Emirati poet, Rashid Al Marar, that pays tribute to Liwa’s landscapes and its tribes. At the end of the slide, a seal denoting Liwa in Diwani, a calligraphic variety of Arabic script, and at the front, Caracal in Wissam Arabic, is impressed, also in gold.

The two Arab windows, plated in yellow gold, red gold, and platinum, are dug 2mm into the alloy grip. One window depicts a silhouette of the Al Meel fort, thought to have been built by the Al Bu Falah tribe between 1816 and 1818, standing on red sand and surrounded by doves flying over palm trees. The other window depicts the smooth profile of a dune below stars and a waning crescent moon in the blue nights of Liwa. To achieve the realistic impression of the windows, the three techniques employed are manual burin engraving, chiselling, and gold shadowing.

ADIHEX is the largest exhibition for hunting, equestrian, and heritage preservation in the Middle East and Africa region. The highly celebrated annual event attracts over 150,000 local and global visitors to explore the latest technologies, innovations, and trends in equestrian, hunting, camping, traditional, and modern hunting. Under the theme ‘Sustainability and Heritage… A Reborn Aspiration’, ADIHEX 2023 offers CARACAL the opportunity to deepen their affinity with the UAE public, feature their trailblazing small arms, and highlight their global presence and reputation.



Established in 2007, CARACAL is a regional and international leader in high-performance small arms. The company designs, engineers, innovates and manufactures mission-proven firearms for law enforcement, security and military forces, with a production legacy spanning more than 15 years. CARACAL’s product portfolio includes pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles across a range of calibres. CARACAL’s experience reflects in the quality, performance and dependability of its growing range of weapons, incorporating the latest technological advances, developed to meet the evolving and challenging nature of warfare as well as the diverse mission requirements of customers in the UAE and abroad.

About EDGE:

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