cashew hosts spin class to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Cashew Payments, a leading ‘buy now pay later’ provider in the region, partnered with the Al Jalila Foundation to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. The rapidly-expanding fintech company that provides consumer-friendly payment alternatives to cash and credit cards, believes financial institutions and fintechs have a responsibility to drive initiatives that have a positive impact on society. This campaign was the first of many they plan to orchestrate, with the aim to drive social responsibility in the industry.

On the 27th of October, cashew teamed up with BR Performance, a state-of-the-art strength, and endurance training center, to host a spin race. The aim of the class was to cover as many kilometres as possible, with the sole aim of raising awareness and donating to Brest Friends, by giving 10 AED for every kilometre covered. Brest Friends is the first breast cancer support group in the UAE established in 2005 by Dr. Houriya Kazim, the UAE’s first female surgeon. 

When discussing the charity event, the co-founder of cashew, Ibtissam Ouassif commented, “As a woman and co-founder of cashew, I am proud that we were able to host this event and show our full support to such causes. By hosting this spin with our employees and partners, we were able to participate in a global movement and demonstrate our commitment of belief that all companies have a responsibility to give back and to ensure that their employees and themselves continue to drive positive difference. We are looking forward to supporting more causes in the future.” 

About cashew:

Cashew Payments is a FinTech company that provides consumer-friendly payment alternatives to cash and credit cards. The FinTech company was designed to give the younger generation a platform to make responsible and safe lending decisions. The company is challenging the current credit ecosystem by designing a simple and straightforward credit product while promoting responsible spending.