Catheter Saved Saudi man from Abdominal Artery Rupture A 7cm ballooning aorta could have been fatal


Surgeons in Al-Qasim (Central Saudi Arabia) saved the life of a man who suffered from an abnormal bulge in the aorta during a 3-hour surgery.

Saudi Health stated that a team of vascular surgeons at King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Buraydah admitted on Thursday 31st August a man suffering from a severe pain in the abdominal and back areas. The results of medical tests showed a 7cm long ballooning in the aorta causing acute pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis.

Such a case has a high percentage of risk as the aorta is a main artery; it could be fatal in case of rupture.

The team decided to perform urgent surgery in which they used a catheter without any side effects. Post-surgery, the patient remains under observation at the ICU.


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