Cayan Launches Official Sales for Billion-Riyal Samaya Project

Ahmad ALhatti - Cayan Group

Breaking ground work begins at Samaya site

Ahmad ALhatti - Cayan Group
Ahmad ALhatti – Cayan Group

Riyadh: Cayan Group, the leading property developer in the Middle East, has launched the official sales of its billion-riyal mixed-use residential project, Samaya. The project developed on a massive 1 million square meters is located in the prime area of Erga, north western Riyadh.

The sheer magnitude of the project and its planned facilities elicited tremendous interest from the public and investors during the pre-launch period, which was a roaring success. “We believe Samaya will provide the ultimate luxury and relaxation in modern residential living. As such, we are encouraged by the positive response the pre-launch and official sales launch has received. It bears good testimony to our brand’s identity of quality and iconic designs,” Mr. Ahmed Alhatti, Chairman of Cayan Group, said excitedly.

Developed in Wadi Hanifah contiguous to the Diplomatic Quarter in Erga—one of the most luxurious areas, featuring breathtaking mountains, plains, and amazing parks—the Samaya residential villas will come equipped with fantastic views for the first time in Riyadh. The residential project will also offer integrated services for high-end living including commercial units, schools, mosques, sports clubs, parks, as well as many other entertainment facilities.

Additionally, breaking ground work has begun at the site and is progressing according to plan. The contract for the excavation phase was awarded soon after Cayan received the official permits including the off-plan permit. “We are pleased to get Samaya off the ground, of course there is a long way to go before we can deliver this project to the public but we remain excited by the scale and plans we have for Samaya, “added Mr. Alhatti.

Samaya project received the Best Mixed Used Project Award by International Property Awards Arabia.

About Cayan Group:

Cayan Group is a leading international property developers and real estate investment group from the Middle East. The group has offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE, and is known in the region for their beautiful and unusual buildings. The Group’s buildings have also gained international recognition and acclaim. Begun in 2004, the Group’s development portfolio now features high rise buildings, which include residential complexes, commercial towers and centres, hospitality projects and multi-purpose gated communities.