Celebrating an astonishing, successful and exciting six months at Expo 2020 Dubai: As one of the most popular pavilions at a world stage, the Luxembourg Pavilion has hosted royal guests, distinguished dignitaries, prominent athletes and over 684,356 visitors


As the groundbreaking gathering draws to a close, the Luxembourg Pavilion is delighted to look back at all the incredible things it has achieved and how the event has put Luxembourg on the world map

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: With Expo 2020 Dubai drawing to a close, the Luxembourg Pavilion is honoured to reflect on its accomplishments throughout the landmark global event. Reflecting the theme of “Resourceful Luxembourg”, in a Mobius shaped structure, the pavilion has made its mark as one of the most immersive, thrilling and much-loved pavilions.

Showcasing the small but mighty, country of Luxembourg and gaining it attention and admiration from across the globe, over 684,356 visitors experienced the cultural wonders of the Luxembourg Pavilion while also experiencing the country’s resourcefulness and contributions in notable sectors such as finance, space, telecommunications, entrepreneurship and much more.

The pavilion also had the honour of hosting many prominent dignitaries, including His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg.

Designed to honour Luxembourg’s countless sensational skills, talents and capabilities, numerous business leaders have also been welcomed at the pavilion. Inviting experts and entrepreneurs to discover the beauty and potential of Luxembourg, the country’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai further emphasizes its commitment towards developing collaborations, partnerships and solutions for a better tomorrow.

Thousands of families and friends have also made unforgettable memories and collected priceless experiences inside the Luxembourg Pavilion. During the last six months, the pavilion held various activations and exhibitions.

For instance, the ‘Made in Luxembourg Week’ showcased the country’s vast array of creative, technological, and entrepreneurial talents through a curated collection. At the same time, the ‘Knowledge and Learning Week’ presented a fun and inventive way of upscaling skills. It was followed by ‘Femmes Pionnières du Luxembourg’, a film showing and an exhibition showcasing inspiring women of Luxembourg from the past, present and the future, in honour of International Women’s Day. Finally, during the last week of Expo, Luxembourg Pavilion has partnered with Luxembourg’s Ministry of Sport to host Luxembourgish 2010 Tour de France champion Andy Schleck and organize a number of fun and inclusive sporting events around Expo 2020 Dubai.

Throughout the Expo, the pavilion had truly lived the theme of “Connecting Monds, Creating Future” by collaborating with various institutes. The ReCreate: Shapes from the Collective Imagination, is one such example of a collaborative project held by working with the University of Luxembourg and the Sorbonne University at Abu Dhabi professors and students. Another example will be the Kënschtlerkollektiv  (Artist Collective) exhibition held under the theme “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn” (We want to remain what we become). A collaborative project created by eight of Luxembourg’s most talented and imaginative creative talents, the exhibition was designed to demonstrate the amazing spectacles that can be achieved when artistic minds are brought together to craft transdisciplinary works.

Naturally, one of the most popular elements of Luxembourg’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai was its fine-dining restaurant The Schengen Lounge, headed-up by Michelin-starred chef Kim Kevin de Dood. Having successfully introduced thousands of people from across the globe to the magical and eclectic fusion cuisine influenced by flavours from all around the world as well as Luxembourg’s international community, the elegant destination also made quality Luxembourgish wine available within the region for the very first time.

Amongst the pavilion’s many popular features, guests particularly enjoyed being able to ride the only slide to ever appear in a pavilion during the long history of the World Expos. A fun nod to the “Schueberfouer”, Luxembourg’s traditional fair which dates back to 1340, guests also adored watching the immersive ‘ENTERPRISING’ video and posing for photos on the ultra-Instagrammable Luxembourg Pavilion ramp.

A friendly and welcoming Pavilion, the Luxembourg Pavilion collaborated with other countries to bring even more memorable experiences and priceless moments for guests. For instance, the ‘Reinventing the Kniddelen’ event invited chefs from Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Bahrain, and Portugal and students from EHTL to create their Kniddelen recipe and discover the fabulous tastes of the tasty flour dumpling that has long been part of Luxembourg’s rich and fascinating culture.

Shaped as a Möbius ribbon, an infinite form that symbolizes the power of the circular economy, the pavilion also led an array of initiatives to promote emerging entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, visitors were left feeling enlivened to take a holiday in Luxembourg after exploring the country’s fascinating traditions and customs during the ‘Luxembourg Tourism Days’ exclusive exhibition. Visitors were in awe of the many wonderful experiences, activities and landscapes that the country has to offer tourists from across the globe.

About the Luxembourg Pavilion:

The theme of the Luxembourg Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is “Resourceful Luxembourg”. It invites visitors to explore why the Grand Duchy is an exceptional country to live in and visit, and why it has countless benefits to offer as a committed, international business partner.  The design is based on the idea of the Möbius ribbon, an infinite form that symbolises the circular economy as well as Luxembourg’s openness and dynamic nature.

The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg via the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, joined forces with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, POST and SES to implement Luxembourg’s presence in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Presenting an incredible experience for each and every visitor, the Luxembourg Pavilion has been designed by Luxembourg-based architecture firm METAFORM, while the amazing scenography has been expertly put together by communications company Jangled Nerves.

The Pavilion is split into five distinct and enlightening sections that are designed to highlight the many different and charming aspects of Luxembourg. Visitors will pass through multi-sensory exhibitions titled: DIVERSE, CONNECTING, SUSTAINABLE, ENTERPRISING and BEAUTIFUL. Exploring how Luxembourg hopes to strengthen its bond with the UAE, the forward-thinking space is proud to be the only Expo pavilion in history to include a slide.

Visitors to the enlightening Pavilion also have the chance to sample delights from Luxembourgish-fusion restaurant the Schengen Lounge, featuring dishes inspired by Luxembourg’s own dynamic international community and flavours from across the globe.