Celebratory NFT Collection – Seven In Fifty – Highlighting The UAE’s Historic Accomplishments To Debut On November 28

  • Three intellectuals with three different backgrounds, sharing a common love for the UAE, to debut the world’s first NFT collection celebrating the UAE’s 50th National Day on November 28, 2021 at 1 PM (GST)
  • First drop of 50 unique hand-drawn assets will debut on Open Sea

An exciting non-fungible token (NFT) collection is due to launch in the UAE on November 28, just in time for the UAE’s National Day.

Titled “Seven In Fifty”, the collection will be celebrating hallmark achievements over the UAE’s 50 golden years as a united nation.

The NFT collection’s name is inspired by the UAE’s seven emirates and their significant accomplishments over the past 50 years.

The first-of-its-kind and soon-to-be-iconic NFT collection showcases 50 key milestones across the UAE’s seven emirates. The milestones include great strides made in the nation’s establishments, education, and events. 

Historically significant events featured in the collection include the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles (where the UAE competed in the Olympics for the very first time) and the launch of Dubai Autodrome in 2004, among others.

The highly-anticipated collection will be debuted on Open Sea, the largest NFT marketplace for rare digital products, crypto-collectables, and more. 

Commenting on Seven In Fifty’s launch, one of the collaborators said: “I have spent 20 years in the GCC’s finance and trading industry, and I’m inspired by the region’s rich history. In particular, the UAE’s history”.

He continues, “This project has given me the opportunity to delve into the nation’s historic accomplishments and celebrate them through art. The UAE is a country with innovative people, brimming with globally impactful ideas. I’m also extremely happy to collaborate with an incredibly talented artist to help me bring my vision to life ahead of National Day”.

Translating the collaborators’ vision into art is an acclaimed artist with a penchant for painting. The artist is also an architect and designer who has notably hand-drawn all the assets in this collection.

Not only is this NFT collection a pioneering cultural milestone for the UAE, it is also the world’s first NFT historical timeline. Featuring both digital and physical assets, the collection is dedicated to the UAE’s 50th National Day.

More NFT releases will follow soon, with the collaborators’ next collection being an adaptation of the current assets, specially built for MetaVerse.

A world-first NFT collection celebrating 50 historic moments within the seven emirates of the UAE. The UAE is a one-of-a-kind nation; historic, innovative, and brimming with ideas that have changed & will change the world. For its 50th anniversary, Seven In Fifty’s collaborators wanted to commemorate and celebrate everything the country has achieved so far. This digital art project documents milestone achievements from when the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1971 – all chronicled in a stunning, interactive historical timeline.