The multi-fitness arena opens doors to its first-ever location in Al Quoz, Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This August, Transform Your Body (TYB) Gym gears to open doors to its first-ever location in the GCC region. Founded by entrepreneur, celebrity trainer, and transformational mentor, Yasir Khan, the impressive over 75,000 sq. ft. facility, centrally located in Al Quoz, is set to be the perfect holistic sanctuary where people of all ages and abilities come to understand and value their fitness and transformational journey.

Set to be one of the biggest gyms to launch in the GCC, the TYB multi-fitness arena caters to up to 500 people at any given time. Comprising three warehouses boasting various holistic fitness facilities including a boxing ring, studio space, a tennis court, two padel courts, a trainer’s warehouse, VIP workout area with special equipment, a dedicated women’s workout area, a recovery room, a nutritionist’s room, cryotherapy, Transform Your Food (TYF) cafe, Indian Akhada training and much more.

The facility is also home to the UAE’s most popular, end-to-end, and comprehensive transformation program – Transform Your Body. Centered around the concept that the body achieves what the mind believes and that mental transformation is at the heart of everything we do, the TYB Program offers 360-degree transformation of mind, body and overall health.

Harnessing the power of healthier choices, with holistic transformation at the heart of everything, the TYB Gym introduces a team of highly-qualified personal trainers guided by transformational mentor, and expert trainer, Yasir Khan and provides world-class customised equipment by Italian car design firm, Pininfarina and specially customised Panatta machines.

The TYB Gym also offers online training programs available to everyone regardless of their geographical location.

Through the unique TYB program, and the launch of the TYB Gym,  Yasir Khan, 33, aims to transform the world, not only by encouraging people to lose weight but also by motivating them to adopt a better, healthier lifestyle benefiting themselves and their loved ones. A  true product of his experiences, Yasir had a simple, yet burdensome upbringing which taught him values such as selflessness, resilience, and compassion. Currently, he aims to inspire individuals and communities to overcome challenges with courage and determination.

Yasir has dedicated his life to changing people’s mindsets through his extensive knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and NLP and has trained some of the most well-known personalities such as social media star Khalid Al Ameri as well as Indian professional tennis player Sania Mirza, and many more. A wellness advocate, Khan believes that your body is a product of your lifestyle and a reflection of your thoughts and plans to establish a strong regional presence in the next 10 years.

Discover the true meaning of being alive and join the TYB family.

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