Iftar at Old People's Home
Iftar at Old People’s Home

Sharjah, UAE: Celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and in line with the Centro Sharjah Corporate Social responsibility, the hotel hosted Iftar for around 100 residents of the Old People’s Home in Sharjah.

The hotel management, led by Mr. Michael Kasch, General Manager Centro Sharjah, through the support of the center headed by Mr. Mansour Mohammed Haji, joined the elderly for an Iftar feast that was delivered with benignity.

“An opportunity to celebrate and express the essence of Ramadan to the seniors in our community is a tradition we observe in this holy month and we are honored to be part of them every year.” said Mr. Michael Kasch, General Manager.

The hotel management participated in serving the food as well as interacting and inspiring a sense of belonging among the elderly.

Centro Sharjah has served in several community initiatives as well as supporting non-governmental organizations. This initiative affirms the hotel’s commitment in its core values of respect and integrity towards giving back to the community.

Old People’s Home in Sharjah is a Centre under Social Services department of Sharjah Government, established in 1986 supporting and assisting the old people from Sharjah aging 60 and above. The government of Sharjah provides them their necessity from food, clothing, shelter, hospitalization, medicine etc.

About Centro Sharjah:

Centro Sharjah is uniquely located adjacent to Sharjah International Airport and close to the business districts of Sharjah. The hotel is just 15 minutes away from the city centre. It features 306 rooms classified as Classic Room, Classic Studio, One Bedroom Suite, Classic Studio Plus and One Bedroom Suite Plus. Two outlets, c.taste and c.deli and three meeting rooms’ facilities and a modern fitness centre with a spacious swimming pool.