Cairo: Founded by Karim Khorshed and Ahmed Shabrawy in 2011, CEQUENS started out as an SMS aggregator and has grown to become an innovative player in the global CPaaS market. The company’s proprietary Communication Platform leverages the latest cloud technologies and features a comprehensive portfolio of multichannel products and solutions that are industry-focused, agile, scalable, and cost-effective.

With boots on ground in Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, CEQUENS operates as a hub for the global market’s growing needs amid the digital revolution. Some of the company’s current portfolio offerings include Communication APIs, WhatsApp Business Platform, and CEQUENS Chat.

Following a journey of successes and challenges, January 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of CEQUENS. The company retains a team of 150+ employees, whose innovation has empowered thousands of businesses to create and deliver communication experiences finetuned to their industries.

“The ecosystem on which our business is built is indebted to our loyal customers who place their trust in our brand,” says Karim Khorshed, Co-founder and CEO. “For us to maintain our innovative aspect, we must also extend our gratitude to our partners, suppliers, and entire family of employees across the world.” Mr. Khorshed, whose vision has served the company for 10 years, feels thankful for the journey and everything he has learned along the way.

Introducing CEQUENS Chat – a multichannel conversational platform for the future

In commemoration of the company’s 10th anniversary, CEQUENS unveiled CEQUENS Chat, an all-in-one digital communication solution for various business sectors. Chat is a conversational platform, built and designed to streamline business communication and refine it for the digital age.

Harnessing a combination between intuitive design and a capable set of features, CEQUENS Chat brings multichannel interactions to a single interface. Users will have the ability to create and deliver customer experiences that extend and integrate with many messaging apps through one multifaceted platform. The platform supports the most popular messaging channels among consumers – namely WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google Chat, and more. It also brings integration capabilities with website chat widgets, making it a well-rounded communication solution for multiple industries.

CEQUENS Chat makes for a reliable, all-in-one conversational platform that gives you easy and fast implementation through a secure model designed around personalized experiences for the future of customer support. Digital age customers are bound to experience the personalized, end-to-end experiences they seek, while businesses can experience a new dimension of availability.

We design pioneering communication solutions and calibrate them for the digital age. Our platforms are carefully constructed from the ground up to accommodate your digital transformation needs. We believe all things digital should be all-inclusive. That’s why we build smarter products that bridge all gaps. Everything under our brand is primarily built to improve communication with the highest security at lower costs. To find out more, contact us.


We’re a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider. Our mission is to bridge communication gaps in a communication-driven world.

Born in the digital era, CEQUENS was founded in response to the increasing challenges facing enterprise communication. We started as an SMS aggregator and gradually crafted a path toward omnichannel CPaaS solutions.

For 10 years, our innovation has empowered thousands of businesses create and deliver communication experiences finetuned to their industries. Our cloud-based, PCI/DSS compliant Communication Platform is the award-winning, end-to-end solution helping businesses realize their full potential and go digital.

As an Endeavor Entrepreneur and industry player, CEQUENS plays a pivotal role in transforming business communication worldwide.

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