CFD Brokerage Almahfaza deploys WisdomHub technology, allowing traders to take advantage of the crowd sentiment and gauge the market as they trade


Limassol, Cyrus: Determined to change the status-quo in trading, Almahfaza brings a fresh perspective to trading. The company takes pride in offering a superior trading experience across more than 500 assets, including Forex, CFDs, and ETFs, the brokerage firm deploys latest-generation WisdomHub technology that allows traders to take advantage of the crowd sentiment and gauge the market as they trade. By allowing traders to carefully weigh other traders’ behaviour in real time, this innovative feature gives them a better perspective on market developments, price action, changes in volume, trend direction, volatility, and more.

With a unique offering of Islamic accounts that observes the laws of Sharia, Almahfaza is well set on a path to improving the bottom line for traders in the Middle East.

Apart from its hallmark WisdomHub tool, other features of Almahfaza’s platform include:

  • Deal Protect – a cutting-edge risk management tool that helps traders determine where to place their protective Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels, thus minimising loss when volatility is high.
  • Leverage Self-select – an innovative feature which enables traders to adjust their leverage with every position they open.
  • Economic calendar & News Feed – to keep traders up-to date with the latest market events.
  • Mobile apps – for iOS and Android devices that give traders accessibility to their favourite assets while allowing them to monitor their activity in real time.

In addition to this, the company also offers traders the ability to trade on MetaTrader 5 and enjoy all the options of the popular trading infrastructure.

“Being able to create a secure and intuitive environment that allows traders to trade at their own pace, with the aid of cutting-edge tools is our main goal,” said Mr. Mohamad El Zein, Almahfaza’s spokesman. “We thrive on our clients’ success. Therefore, we offer them a diverse range of tools that make their experience better and level out the playing field between novices and savvy market players,” Mr. El Zein added.

Almahfaza also runs attractive promotions, bonus schemes and event-focused special offers for its clients, all within the specific regulatory boundaries. Placing data protection at its forefront, the financial services company uses the latest SSL encryption technology, as well as top banks in the Middle East and the UK.

About Almahfaza:

Almahfaza is a brokerage firm established in 2017 by a group of financial industry professionals and technology experts, whose primary goal has always been to empower traders of all levels of experience to take advantage of the diverse opportunities available across the world’s financial markets.

Almahfaza is considered one of the industry’s leading brands, offering a wide range of opportunities for both novices and seasoned traders. The company provides seamless access to a suite of desktop and mobile platforms (available through the Apple Store and Google Play), all of which are packed with innovative features and tools, ranging from advanced charting tools to intuitive layouts and its staple WisdomHub solution. WisdomHub is a core component of both Almahfaza’s mobile and online trading infrastructures, enabling traders to examine the movements and behaviour of a pool of traders in real time, thus giving them the ability to identify market trends the moment they develop with great accuracy. This array of advanced technology solutions combined with superior customer service 24/5 makes Almahfaza the broker of choice for traders in the Middle East and beyond.