Chef Bardalis in the United Arab Emirates


The opening of its first branch in Dubai

Dubai: Chef Bardalis Restaurant and Café, is the perfect place to wander into a world of international food tastes, sweets and fresh pastries, as it is distinguished by providing Mediterranean cuisine in all its unique and distinct types.

Chef Bardalis Restaurant & Café takes his guests on a trip around the world, providing international dishes on his menu, starting with a delicious breakfast or a variety of different sandwiches, fresh salads, as well as western and eastern dishes. Guests can also choose the desserts and cakes they want from the daily delicious assortment presented in the desserts section.

Mr. Saad Bardalis, Chairman of the Board of Directors commented: “Chef Bardalis Restaurant and Café is a distinctive addition in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai. We are very proud to provide distinguished services and a rich menu that includes various types of food from all over the world to suit the tastes of all guests without any exception, and we are honored to welcome lovers of unique flavors for a unique experience that nourishes the senses. “

Chef Bardalis Restaurant and Café management aspires to be the main destination for the people of the United Arab Emirates, for its residents & its tourists, through the design of the restaurant that combines modernity and the originality of European designs, including decorated spaces and floors, to ensure that guests enjoy the distinctive atmosphere. 

The restaurant is open to receive guests from 8 in the morning until 1 in the morning

Breakfast is served from 8:00 am until 11:00am

Eat all day during the week: from 12 noon till 12 midnight

Prior reservation is not required, the venue will be made available as soon as guests attend

About Chef Bardalis Restaurant and Cafe:

Chef Bardalis Restaurant & Cafe is the perfect place to wander into a world of international flavors, desserts and fresh pastries.

Chef Bardalis was born in Greece in 1891, and grew up in the suburbs of Cairo with his parents. He discovered his passion for cooking since his childhood, as he was influenced by his mother over the years, who used to prepare Egyptian meals with Greek touches. Chef Bardalis was able to impose his own style in the Mediterranean cuisine, where he blended between Perfection and creativity, leaving us with a wealth of legacy and a wealth of dishes bearing his name and trademark.