Clearwin UAE Sets a New Hygiene Standard for Escalator Handrails


Perfect for retail, healthcare, hospitality, and leisure destinations, the simple device offers 99.9% protection against COVID-19

Dubai, UAE: Addressing one of the biggest contamination risks in public places, Clearwin – the world’s only escalator handrail sterilizer certified as 99.9% effective against COVID-19 – is now available in the UAE. Experts have highlighted how quickly bacteria can spread on hard surfaces, making escalator handrails one of the germiest surfaces to touch.

Clearwin is a self-powered, low-maintenance, preventative solution that kills bacteria using Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). The UV-C germicidal lamp sanitizes continuously while the escalator handrail is moving  and prevents sources of infection from spreading. Light-weight and easy to install, it requires no change to the mechanical operation or escalator structure. It’s also environmentally-friendly, minimizing the need for harsh chemicals and reducing the manual labor needed to keep handrails completely clean.

According to Colin Steven, Managing Director, Clearwin UAE: “COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through multiple industries, especially retail and leisure. The way people feel and behave outside the home will be affected for many months; even with positive vaccine news, large-scale public venues need to develop strategies to bring people back safely and restore confidence. Studies show that consumers are looking to operators and developers for peace of mind, and they have an opportunity to raise the bar with superior hygiene standards.”

He added: “Without specific regulations or budget restrictions, facilities should be accountable for the sanitization of escalator handrails knowing how bacteria thrives and multiplies on these areas where masses of people are present. They have a responsibility to implement it as part of their preventative planning and create a secure environment, where all possible sanitization measures are put in place.”

ClearwinUAE is the sole and exclusive representative and distributor for the Clearwin escalator handrail sterilizer system in the UAE. Helping sanitize the UAE is not a choice, it’s essential.