Clenergize Solar Consultants Win Consultant of the Year at the Middle East Solar Awards

  • Clenergize has worked on 320 MegaWatts of projects so far in the region
  • Clenergize plans to add over 150-200 Megawatts in commercial and industrial projects per year
  • Clenergize won Best Financial Advisor/Consultant of the Year 2021 at the Middle East Solar Awards last week

Dubai: With the abundance of sun in Dubai, one would think that the rooftops would be filled with solar panels in Dubai just like they are in other sun-riched areas around the globe such as Arizona, Nevada, California and Florida to name a few. However, this trend has recently started picking up in Dubai, especially in the residential sector thanks to the DEWA’s Shams program and ‘green loans’ to help cover the cost to install solar panels on a property. Looking at the commercial sector, it is an equally hopeful scenario as many of the large warehouses and mall car parks around town already boast solar panels. 

According to Shyam Yadav, Managing Director, Clenergize Solar Consultants “We are working on a large project with the Al Shirawi Group, deploying over seventeen MegaWatts in over twelve facilities with a combination of several industrial and commercial sites, each with its own challenges and all in a short duration. To put this into perspective, this would generate enough electricity to power three thousand single family homes.” 

Shyam adds “This project will enable them to save significantly on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by over 21,000 tons. It’s unique in the sense that a large group makes the pivot in such a swift and efficient manner with strong decision making at the top.”

The Middle East Solar Awards took place last week and it is the industry’s premier awards ceremony. This annual event, now in its ninth edition, serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate exceptional talent and achievements in the MENA solar market. The winner for the Financial Advisor /Consultant of the Year was Clenergize Solar Consultants, who is currently working on hybrid commercial projects, a new concept in the MENA region, in order to attract more solar projects investments. 

“We are working on a very unique project which presently aims to achieve a 100% off-grid PhotoVoltaic-Battery solution for a large warehousing multinational client in the region, which has never been done before. This project will secure their energy tariff for twenty-five years and will work with high efficiency batteries that are being designed to scale-up to match their Electric Vehicle Charging requirements for their fleet of electric delivery vehicles as well. It is important to note that several clients in the region have large roof spaces that can be put to good use with such models.” says Shyam

About Clenergize Solar Consultants:

Established in 2015, Clenergize provides expert consultancy services for small to large scale solar energy power projects in UAE and throughout the Middle East region, extending to African and Asian markets. Some of their clients include Government Clients in UAE, KSA, Oman, Turkey, Jordan and Europe, Aramex, Agility, Emarat, Emirates, Al Shirawi, Landmark Group, Dubai Refreshment (Pepsi) etc.