Clickode Mea and Dremmwel Mea announce strategic partnership for expansion into Middle East & Africa


Clickode MEA and Dremmwel MEA have reached a strategic long term agreement to develop and support the new international operations for Clickode Middle-East and Africa (MEA). Under the agreement, Clickode has entrusted Dremmwel with the task of designing, structuring and developing its own indirect collaborative sales channel, extending their expertise to vendors, service partners and VARs of the SAP ecosystem in the MEA region.

Diego Barbisan, General Manager of Clickode MEA, said, “At Clickode, our mission is to simplify complexity. We design, implement and maintain ICT services and solutions that can understand and internalize companies’ business models to help them manage and facilitate control of their information processes. The MEA markets are an important growing segment of the global marketplace, and we are pleased to partner with  Dremmwel team that have a keen understanding of the local market needs.”

Clickode MEA business model will leverage its rich European team of experts to provide high-end, high value, SAP support services to the existing SAP partners and customers network in the MEA region.

Bruno Haubertin, General Manager for Dremmwel, added, “We are particularly proud to have been choosen by one of the most advanced and respected  SAP service provider in Europe to establish and develop their business and presence in our MEA markets. Clickode wants to become the preferred service partner for HANA migration, Business continuity and Business intelligence services within the SAP community in the Middle-East and Africa region. We will be looking at creating collaboration agreements with regional SAP professionals and integrators to enable them to offer the best level of complex project implementation in particular in the areas of utilities and Manufacturing.”

According to Haubertin, with a unique collaborative business model, Dremmwel will ensure access to Clickode’s expertise for the local SAP community to the best in class business continuity services, migration capabilities and projects implementations with high level European standards of quality, even within the most complex and remote environments. With our offices in France, Dubai and Nairobi, Clickode is investing with Dremmwel toward a full coverage and presence in the region.


Clickode Mea is part of GPA Holding, a partner company which keeps abreast of changes, new ideas and integrated solutions. Clickode Mea designs, implements and maintains ICT solutions that manage and help monitor companies’ information processes. The GPA Group created Clickode Mea specifically for the Middle East and Africa.

It consists of a tightly knit group of consultants, architects and project managers who have been working on Systems Applications and Products/Solution and Database Administration (SAP) both in Italy and Europe for many years. Clickode Mea creates application solutions to improve business, productivity and profitability for its customers in Asia, Europe and North Africa via the gradual introduction of innovative software tools.


Dremmwel Middle-East and Africa is the leading Dubai based one-stop-shop boutique to consult, initiate, plan, incubate, grow and fully establish new IT business operations in the Middle-east and Africa region.

Dremmwel Staff has worked for the most prestigious IT companies in the world over the last 25 years and more. Based on years of experience and local as well as European and African presence, Dremmwel provides its customers with in-region marketing, Sales deployment, Channel recruitments and Management as well as high end Strategic Consulting on Channels and Education.