Cloudi-Fi announces its partnership with Z Services HQ to expand in the Middle East market


Cloudi-Fi has selected Z Services HQ as its local Cloud Security MSSP partner in the Middle East to provide a complete, innovative and secure guest Wi-Fi cloud service with a local deployment in the region. 

The strong presence of Z Services HQ and its established partnerships with leading Telco’s across the Middle East region combined with Cloudi-Fi’s cutting-edge cloud-based SaaS solution is a perfect synergy to cater to the needs and challenges of customers from various industries.

Cloudi-Fi is a cloud-based SaaS solution that provides international guest WiFi and offers personalised and innovative digital services to visitors and employees thanks to fully customized captive portals in line with the company’s brand identity.   Cloudi-Fi allows users to enjoy secure and fast Internet access whether at the office or in-store. Thanks to its multi authentication modes capability, Cloudi-Fi helps companies to interact with  their customers and enrich their database with the full consent of their visitors.  Cloudi-Fi’s solution is 100% compliant with all the local regulations. 

More than a commodity service, brands and businesses leverage their guest WiFi as a new communication channel for phygital* services. In Cloudi-Fi’s captive portal, brands can put marketing campaigns and any type of advertising in order to communicate with their visitors, keep employees informed while making their lives easier. 

Thanks to its innovative solution and its foothold in the global market since its inception, Cloudi-Fi already serves the needs of various international businesses across the Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Finance, Education and Corporate sectors.  

The Cloudi-Fi and Z Services partnership will enable Middle East businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey by leveraging the powerful analytical capabilities of the 100% cloud-based platform to turn user behavior insights into a blueprint for effective marketing campaigns. 

The solution is centrally managed and fully customizable for analytics reporting, CRM integration, user engagement and marketing services. 

Through this collaboration, businesses across the Middle East will be able to avail the locally compliant customer data gathered by the platform for marketing analytics and leverage it to identify, recognize and retain customers. 

“For every market and client that we serve, we have a common ambition: offering an easy-to-use solution”, informed Damien Chastrette, CEO of Cloudi-Fi. “For the Middle East, it is not an exception. Security is indeed a priority for businesses, that is why we have chosen Z Services HQ as our local partner in the region. In addition, it is also important to maintain a smooth digital presence and interaction with the different parties, whether employees or customers.”

“This partnership highlights Z Services HQ’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge MSSP cloud-based security solutions & services that solve the key business challenges that Middle East organizations face. We are excited to introduce Cloudi-Fi to the region and will offer its solutions in full compliance with local regulations through our in-country multi-tenant cloud security infrastructure”, said Nidal Taha at Z Services HQ. “In addition, given Z Services HQ’ established partnerships with leading Telco’s across the region, customers will be able to avail of Cloudi-Fi’s offering through this network of service providers.”

About Cloudi-Fi:

Founded in France in 2015, Cloudi-Fi reinvents Wi-Fi services to define the connectivity standards of tomorrow: transparency, security, compliance and full customization.

The Wi-Fi platform is easy-to-use and completely independent of the hardware suppliers. The cloud-based technology provides a single, scalable interface to securely and flexibly manage a large number of diverse and simultaneous connections. It already covers more than 75 countries and has millions of unique digital identities registered.

By strengthening compliance and security through easy installation, the Cloudi-Fi solution pushes the boundaries of creativity and delivers unique insights and analytics to brands and customers.

About Z Services HQ:

Z Services HQ is a cloud-based cybersecurity provider headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operation coverage across the MENA region. 

Z Services HQ is the only company in the Middle East to offer an in-country, multi-tenant cloud cyber security architecture that includes web, email, cloud application, unified access management, secure guest Wi-Fi cloud, and cyber security awareness as-a-service.   With more than 500,000 seats in the MENA region alone and a unique partnership with market leading technology vendors and regional Telecom operators, Z Services HQ is the complete gateway to any cybersecurity solution as a Service (SaaS) in the region.