Germany-born brand, COFFEE LOVER, has recently opened another shop in
Dubai to serve the Middle East with their luxurious coffee mugs. Founder Mariella
aims to spruce up all simple coffee drinking experiences in households and
offices into a sophisticated mix of motivational, inspirational, and affirmative
feelings through her mugs.

Mariella moved to Dubai some months ago after growing her brand in Europe
since 2019. What was supposed to be a three months workation, turned into the
creation of a whole new branch for the luxury mug brand.
‘COFFEE LOVER: Everything Gold & Glamorous’, the slogan reads. Some of the
customer’s favorites include the pink-gold “Boss Lady” mug and the black-gold “I
really don’t care” mug. These mugs also make a nice gift for special occasions
like birthdays, a promotion, Eid, or Christmas.

The mugs can be bought on COFFEE LOVER’s website:

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