Colombia’s distinct fashion industry to be showcased at the Expo 2020


Colombia’s fashion industry will showcase its unique design with a fashion week celebration in Expo 2020 Dubai from November 11 to 18, 2021.The fashion week will pay tribute to Colombian artisans and designers who handcrafts signature pieces utilizing the exotic Colombian fabrics.

As part of the fashion week, Colombian artist and entrepreneur Natalia Botero T will handcraft a statement art piece, which will be available for sale at the end of the event. On the first day of the fashion week November 11, Colombia will host a panel discussion featuring fashion designers, Laura Aparicio and Glory Ang Atelier at 4 pm and an opening party at 6 pm on the opening day.

The fashion week will feature the work of Colombian designers such as Leal Dacarrett, Silvia Tcherassi, Hernán Zajar, Pepa Pombo, Beatriz Camacho, Amelia Toro, and Johana Ortiz, new talent, and winner of the Fashion Trust Arabia contest. Each piece of work in the display will carry a QR code, with more pertinent information about the work and designer. The Colombian companies will showcase products including accessories, swimsuits, jewellery, and fashion jewellery, and shapewear.

Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia said: “Fashion enables us to establish a seamless connection with people across the world, as threads hold together pieces of fabric in an incredible garment piece. Through fashion week, we aim to showcase the distinctiveness of Colombia’s fashion industry to the world. Colombia’s products created by highly skilled artisans and designers are known for their craftsmanship, sustainability, innovation and durability.”

The fashion week featuring contemporary and ethnical designs is organized by Colombia to leverage the opportunities that emerge through the world expo and attract fashion enthusiasts in the region to further strengthen the growth of the fashion sector in Colombia. The weeklong celebration will showcase seven of the most renowned designers from Colombia and apparels made by 30 companies, that are representing Colombia in the macro business matchmaking forum in Dubai on November 18.  

The designers from Colombia have earlier represented the country’s fashion industry in major fashion events held in UAE, such as Fashion Trust Arab, Arab Fashion Week and Galeries Lafayette and already have a strong relationship with the fashion sector in UAE. The apparels made in Colombia are an integration of aesthetics and functionality, many of them are quick-drying, breathable and possesses a high degree of protection from UV.

Colombia’s commitment to its fashion industry doesn’t limit to fashion week. Besides showcasing statement fashion pieces from Colombia in the pavilion, the staff of Colombia will also be sporting garments by designer Esteban Cortázar in partnership with Sutex and ProColombia and footwear produced by Cueros Vélez for the entire duration of the world expo.

Colombia is one of the largest exporters of flatweave fabrics in the world and has 14,000 companies in the fashion sector of which, most are MSMEs.  In 2019, clothing and footwear sales in the country amounted to USD 8 billion and more than 1,200 Colombian companies exported their garments to over 100 countries.

According to ProColombia’s analysis of Dane’s figures, Colombia’s exports to MEASA grew 165%, going from USD 2 million in 2020 to USD 5.3 million between January and September 2021. and textile and apparel exports to the UAE grew by 16% in 2021

Colombia’s major exports to the MEASA region include leather, shapewear, footwear, women’s swimwear, formal wear, and the main consumers of Colombia’s fashion sector in the MEASA Region are Nigeria, Togo, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Angola, And Qatar.

The companies participating in the fashion week are Ambar Design S.A.S Bic, Bamboleira, Baru Swimwear S.A.S, C.I. Manufacturas Model Internacional, Chic Marroquineria Sas, Cosita Linda Swimwear – Sueño De Playa Sas, Creaciones Segar S.A.S. – Fajas Mariae, Cueros Velez S.A.S, Dayana Montoya Jewelry, Amada Maria, Dlapel Sa, Entreaguas Moda S.A.S, Fajas Corpore Sano, Ferditex S.A.S (Indudise), Flor Amazona, Glory Ang, Green Shine Ci Sas, Grupo Asthec Sa, Hadasa Emerald Jewellery Sas, Hipnos Brands, Krispeta S.A.S, La Flor De Cali Sas, Laura Aparicio Sas, Mx Castillo Sas, Nawa Resortwear, Ola Azul Sas, Ondademar Sas, Steam Beach Sas, Summa Gestiones Sas, Taha Hussein Hnos S.A.S, Tejido Sagrado Sas, Unico Interior Sas, Unnik International Trading S.A.S C.I Mipyme, Valentina Terra, Waya Artesanias Sas, Onda De Mar, Black And Bengal, One One Swim, Smeralda, Liliana Montoya, Encantadore, Mola Mola, Baobab, and y Puntamar.