Commvault on recent Petya Ransomware attacks


“The only reliable defence against the recent Petya Ransomware attacks, is backup,” says Nigel Tozer, Solutions Marketing Director, Commvault.

“Clearly the malicious forces behind this and other recent attacks, continue to be one step ahead of threat detection software, so if your systems and data is held to ransom the only true means of recovery is to be able to revert back to data from the last backup before the infection. When files are encrypted and corrupted by a ransomware attack, cloud sync and share tools aren’t something you can rely on either, because the sync facility means cloud files are as infected as their originals. The other issue is that these cloud services, especially free or those targeted at consumers, typically don’t cover all of your data and may not always have retention policies that pre-date the attack. The best option, to insure against data-mincing malware, is an in-house centrally managed backup solution. Whilst reverting to the backup prior to the infection might mean losing a limited amount of data, it is nominal compared to the impact of losing all your data permanently.”